Adventures on Friend-cation.

Last week, we were in Houghten Lake with a bunch of friends. We started going to Houghten Lake every June the summer after we were married and it has been an annual thing ever since.
We basically just hang out on the pontoon boat on sunny days and let the kids create chaos in the house when it rains (only two days out of seven this year). We eat too much and play games when the kiddos go to sleep. Elijah loves getting to see his friends all the time, even if having 9 kids under the age of 6 in one cottage is slight insanity.
Here are some pictures of our fun week (in a completely random order):


Elijah is so happy because he does not know how cold the water is going to be.

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so long sweet summer.

Summer is over.  Our summer went by so quick.

This is how I spent the majority of our summer:


Puking.  A lot of puking.  We are expecting baby grune number two in in February, which we couldn’t be more excited about!  I am 18 weeks and have just stopped puking on a daily basis, so I like to think I am out of the woods with the all-day-sickness.  And the migraines.

Monkey couldn’t be more excited about the new baby either.  He likes to kiss my belly and point to my belly and yell “baby.”  He also calls other people’s stomach’s baby…but we’re working on that.  We are trying to teach him to say “sister” since we found out yesterday that I am growing a little girl monkey.

Elijah, on the other hand, had a great summer.

He had so many adventures.  Some new (Disney World), some new again this year (the lake, friend-cation), and some that we do often (the park, the mall).

While I am sure that he enjoyed watching way more Pixar movies and Disney Junior than any 18 month old should, I know he is glad that his mama is feeling better and can take him on adventures outside of our family room.

elijah’s memorial weekend adventures.

We had a busy, but fun, Memorial Day weekend.

The monkey got to experience some new things (sand, jerky), and some things that seem new, now that he is so mobile (like the cottage).


Friday night Eli got to play on big inflatables at church…one of the perks of having a daddy who is a youth minister.

IMG_2371 IMG_7134


Saturday began with helping daddy dig a spot for the vegetable garden.  and eating dirt.


And then Eli took daddy for a long walk up to 7-11 to get mama a slurpee.



Saturday evening we had a bbq with my family, and Elijah enjoyed showing off and eating noni’s yummy lasagna.  On Sunday we had a bbq with good friends.  Then Monday we went up to the cottage.

Elijah has been to the cottage before, but last summer he would just play on a blanket or fall asleep on the boat.  This year is  a whole new world for the monkey.

We began a new “tradition” (as rj likes to refer to it) of stopping at the Almont Smokehouse on the way to the cottage.  Eli tasted his first venison and loved it.  I think the sausage was nice for him to chew since he has 4 (!!!) molars coming in back there…



The monkey was a little unsure of the water at first.  I don’t blame him, it was real cold.  But he stuck his toes in and eventually just sat right down on the edge, clothes and all.


He was a little afraid of the boat ride, but grandpa let him drive, so he was happy for a little.


Elijah was all about the sand.  Mama was not a fan of how much sand Elijah tried to eat.  I was hoping he would try it and decide that it wasn’t so appetizing after all, but no, he thought it was a funny game.

Burying and looking for his feet was exciting.



Eating is the highlight of any day for this kid.  Here Elijah demonstrates how many cheetos he can fit in his mouth at once.  Good job monkey, good job.


So much fun packed into one weekend.  We love summer already.



taste of summer

I have realized that my house will be a mess until fall comes, since the monkey wants to spend every waking moment outside. I hope my husband is okay with this…
sometimes I keep the curtains shut in the morning in hopes to trick Elijah into forgetting that the outside is there. This has not worked yet.
We’ve been spending our afternoons playing in the backyard, and I know I am going to have the best tan I have had in years this summer.



Yesterday we played in the sprinkler and went on wagon rides until daddy came home. Then Elijah blew (ate) bubbles with daddy until dinner.

grass stains & popsicle faces

we are ready for summer. so ready.

ready for sunny days. picnics. grass stains on all of monkey’s clothes. sticky, popsicle faces. bare feet. sunscreen. sprinklers. days in the pool. long weekends. burgers on the grill. sundresses and sandals for mama. walks to the park. play dates outdoors with friends. and so much more.