Designing a Nursery Monkey Can Grow With.

One of my favorite parts of planning for a new baby is designing the nursery. Both my babies nurseries are Disney-inspired (shocker, I know…) and I love them. Elijah’s is changing a little as he gets older and opinionated, but we haven’t done any major changes to the space. Today, my good friend Jennifer Eicher wrote a guest post about designing a nursery that can grow with your little one. Jennifer is an interior designer who currently resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan with her husband, James, and their 6 month old, Michael Winston. She is enjoying being able to stay home with him. Every day is a new adventure.

Little ones are a great blessing who bring us much joy! The problem is they won’t stop growing. Of course we can’t wait for them to reach those developmental milestones, but they progress swiftly leaving us wishing the time would stand still—at least for a little while.

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