Monkey at 21 (and a half) Months.

I am horrible at updating Elijah’s baby book.  I think the last time I wrote in it was before his first birthday.  I always have the best intentions with those sorts of things and never follow through.  I loved looking through my own baby book when I was a little girl; and I still enjoy seeing milestones written in my mom’s distinct handwriting.  Hopefully, I won’t rob Eli of that fun.  But I guess he can check out my instagram feed…

Every single day I have moments where I feel like he is such a little boy.  He is getting too big, too fast on me.  But then I’ll also have moments where I look at him and he is still my baby.  Like when he is still cuddly after naps and when he gives me a hug and just rests his head on my shoulder.  Or when he is asleep–he still looks like my sweet baby even if he is all sprawled out and his long limbs touch either side of the crib.

Perhaps I am doing this post for my own memory…but these are some things that Elijah Oscar does as a 21 month old.  Some are silly and some are probably completely normal and some are just ridiculous.


He pretends to be asleep in the middle of the floor.  This is something he learned from his girlfriend Kendal.  Although I’m not sure who he thinks he is fooling, because he often will cover himself up and tell me to “shhhhh” but keeps playing with his toys.


He is incredibly opinionated about what he eats, but then he eats as much as I do.  If he wants the Doritos instead of his apple, he is going to let you know.  He is also a veggie lover lately.  I’m pretty sure on Thanksgiving he only ate green bean casserole, even though I made sure that his favorite food (ketchup) was on his turkey.


He thinks he is too much of a big shot to ride in the part of the cart that is intended for a child his size.  Instead he wants to ride in the basket part and attempt to open any food items that I am purchasing.  Or, if daddy is with us, he wants to push it.  And will tell me “nooooooo!” if I try to help him.  (Please disregard my leggings, wool socks, moccasin combination I was wearing above…pregnancy makes it difficult to wear boots and Eli just won’t help a mama out.  So mocs are my go to; at least until the snow hits.)Image

And if his daddy is home, its as if I do not exist.  Wherever Daddy is, Eli is.  And usually they are wrestling or playing football or just being silly.  Eli will often bring RJ this football helmet and insist he put on the “hat” before they play football in our front room.  If there is a boo boo, monkey does run to me with his fake whine and tell me what hurts so I can kiss it.  I don’t mind that one bit.Image

Elijah may or may not have a slight iPad addiction.  This picture happened one day after I told him he couldn’t have the “bop” (what he has called the iPad since he started talking) and then went to the basement to do laundry.  He was playing with his cars happily in the front room, I’m downstairs for a couple minutes tops, and come up and he disappeared.  I found him on my bed in the dark.  He had climbed onto our bed, got the ipad off the nightstand, and started to watch Mickey.  He also brought that small Mickey up there with him.  And our bed is pretty tall.  The monkey is DEFINITELY a climber.  Image

We put up Mickey Christmas lights in his room and he wants them on all the time.  If I turn on the big light when he is looking at them he gets mad.  He climbs up onto his toy box and holds them and points out the red and green and white ones.  If we left them on at night, he would probably never sleep.  Image

He also wants to be too independent.  He refuses to hold my hand if I don’t want to carry him through a parking lot, and takes off his own clothes sometimes.  I read somewhere that a toddler should be able to dress himself before you have another baby…so he’s halfway there with the constantly taking his pants off thing.  Image

Elijah is such a goofball.  So silly.


He thinks he can just run onto the stage at church, whenever he wants.  That is why he is not allowed in worship on Sundays when his daddy is preaching.  His daddy also introduced him to the drums a few months back and he wants to go play them whenever they are in sight.  I hope he choses a less obnoxious instrument…like the piano or the guitar.  Image

And he has decided he is ready to potty train.  I am not sure I am ready for this yet.  But he tells us most of the time when he has to poo.  And lately it has been in the middle of the night.  I took this picture from my bed the other night.  He yells “daddy, daddy, daddy! poop” in the night and goes on the toilet.  I’m just glad he yells for RJ and not me…

Oh and he likes to climb up onto my lap whenever I am at the computer, as I am typing this he has wedged himself between my belly and the table.  Having a 25 pound monkey on my lap and a baby girl monkey in my belly is not conducive to typing on the macbook.

No, mama. No.

It seems like Elijah tells me “no” all day long. Sometimes it’s for good reason, when I ask him if he wants something specific, he can say no. That is super helpful. But when I need him to come to me, to maybe change his diaper, and he runs behind his crib to hide yelling no…not so helpful.
He also is a master at putting up the one finger to point when he says “no.” I have no clue how he picked that up…
My monkey is a clever little stinker though. When he is doing something he knows he shouldn’t be doing, I catch him shaking his head and saying, “no no.”
Standing on a chair: “no no.”
Climbing onto the fireplace: “no no.”
Twisting the knobs on the oven: no no.”
It’s often impossible not to laugh at him.

The so called “terrible twos” have to be a joke.

elijah’s memorial weekend adventures.

We had a busy, but fun, Memorial Day weekend.

The monkey got to experience some new things (sand, jerky), and some things that seem new, now that he is so mobile (like the cottage).


Friday night Eli got to play on big inflatables at church…one of the perks of having a daddy who is a youth minister.

IMG_2371 IMG_7134


Saturday began with helping daddy dig a spot for the vegetable garden.  and eating dirt.


And then Eli took daddy for a long walk up to 7-11 to get mama a slurpee.



Saturday evening we had a bbq with my family, and Elijah enjoyed showing off and eating noni’s yummy lasagna.  On Sunday we had a bbq with good friends.  Then Monday we went up to the cottage.

Elijah has been to the cottage before, but last summer he would just play on a blanket or fall asleep on the boat.  This year is  a whole new world for the monkey.

We began a new “tradition” (as rj likes to refer to it) of stopping at the Almont Smokehouse on the way to the cottage.  Eli tasted his first venison and loved it.  I think the sausage was nice for him to chew since he has 4 (!!!) molars coming in back there…



The monkey was a little unsure of the water at first.  I don’t blame him, it was real cold.  But he stuck his toes in and eventually just sat right down on the edge, clothes and all.


He was a little afraid of the boat ride, but grandpa let him drive, so he was happy for a little.


Elijah was all about the sand.  Mama was not a fan of how much sand Elijah tried to eat.  I was hoping he would try it and decide that it wasn’t so appetizing after all, but no, he thought it was a funny game.

Burying and looking for his feet was exciting.



Eating is the highlight of any day for this kid.  Here Elijah demonstrates how many cheetos he can fit in his mouth at once.  Good job monkey, good job.


So much fun packed into one weekend.  We love summer already.



I guess he has to learn sometime.

Lately, the monkey always wants to feed himself.

2013-03-21 13.06.18

He does pretty well with a spoon.  As long as I am the one who does the scooping…

2013-03-21 13.06.24

Sometimes he wants to try to get the yogurt out of the cup on his own.

2013-03-21 13.09.09

Or he uses the other end of the spoon.

2013-03-21 13.10.01


He likes to try new culinary combinations.  MMMM…macaroni dipped in the greek yogurt…

2013-03-21 13.15.46


The monkey loves his yogurt.

2013-03-21 13.16.01


At least yogurt in the hair is easier to clean than globs of oatmeal…




A few things we learned this week…

photo 1

“No spill” snack bowls are a joke.  In fact, I think that Elijah sees it as a challenge.  He makes it his personal mission to spill every last Cheerio out of the fancy Gyro Bowl and onto the floor.  Since they end up on the floor anyways, why don’t I just pour the Cheerios on the floor to begin with? (just kidding, mom.)


One-year-olds are smarter than I thought.  It’s probably because my husband is a huge technology geek, but Elijah can scroll down with one finger on the iphone.  He even pulls the iphone away from me when I am talking on it because he thinks every phone call is a face-time call now.


We call him a “monkey” for a reason.  He cleared out a shelf of DVDs and then made a small pile out of them to step on, so he could try and get the items on the higher shelf that were placed there to be specifically out of his reach.  This baby-proofing stuff is a joke.

photo 3-1

If you give a monkey ketchup for dipping his nuggets in; he will eat fistfuls of ketchup and then eat the nuggets.  Really, he just shoveled the ketchup in his mouth.


We are those people now.  The people who push around the obnoxious carts for their kids.  I honestly did not think I would ever do this at the grocery store.  But Eli loved it and he was so stinking cute in there.  I think I will reserve this for shopping trips were Daddy comes along, because I did not like not having a good view of him.  Plus, RJ will be the one looking silly instead of me.


The library is awesome.  And free.  As long as you don’t have to pay late fees, or for a replacement card, since the last time you were there was 4 years ago.  Elijah and his Daddy have spent the last two Monday mornings there while I run errands.  And my boys love it there.


Elijah really does love Mickey Mouse.   While some of it very well could be us buying him Mickey Mouse things and talking about Mickey Mouse and pointing out Mickey Mouse whenever we see him; Elijah loves Mickey.   He will kiss pictures of Mickey.  He will bite his stuffed Mickey’s face (its a sign of affection, I promise).  He will point and laugh at the giant Mickey balloon that is still inflated from his party.  And he will cuddle his Mickey on the floor, completely unprompted.  We are raising our little Disney fan right.