I guess he has to learn sometime.

Lately, the monkey always wants to feed himself.

2013-03-21 13.06.18

He does pretty well with a spoon.  As long as I am the one who does the scooping…

2013-03-21 13.06.24

Sometimes he wants to try to get the yogurt out of the cup on his own.

2013-03-21 13.09.09

Or he uses the other end of the spoon.

2013-03-21 13.10.01


He likes to try new culinary combinations.  MMMM…macaroni dipped in the greek yogurt…

2013-03-21 13.15.46


The monkey loves his yogurt.

2013-03-21 13.16.01


At least yogurt in the hair is easier to clean than globs of oatmeal…