The Best Daddy to My Monkeys.

I started this post with intentions of posting it for Father’s Day, but packing for our vacation and spending time with my babies got in the way.
It is easy to forget how lucky I am to have a husband like RJ. He is such an amazing daddy to our babies. He loves Jesus and loves our family. He gets down on his knees every day after work so that Eli can run right into his arms; and it melts my heart each time. He reads to us from the children’s bible every night and sings to both Emaline and Elijah before tucking them in. He gives our babies tubs more than I do. He knows the importance of spending time with the monkeys and changes diapers whenever he is home. He is silly with Eli and sweet with Emmy.
I always knew that he would be a good dad, but I didn’t realize that watching him being a daddy to our kids would make me love him so much more.
RJ’s sister Molly took some photos of Eli and RJ in matching La&Ca Bowties for Father’s Day. Here are my favorites:

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Freshly Picked Style Inspiration.

The moment that I opened the Aruba moccs that Freshly Picked so kindly sent Emaline; I started dreaming of ways she’ll wear them. Since they don’t quite fit her itty feet yet, I decided to come up with a few outfit idea. (If you haven’t entered my giveaway yet, do it. Then you could win a pair to style for your tiny human.) IMG_1617
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A Freshly Picked Giveaway.

This giveaway has ended.  Thanks to everyone who entered!

Congrats to Kristin M!  I hope your little monkey enjoys her Neon Pink Freshly Picked Moccs:)

Do you dream about moccasins?  I do.  Especially when they look like this: Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 2.50.15 PM I love everything about Freshly Picked Moccasins.  Everything.  The gorgeous colors.  The 100% genuine leather.  That they are made in the USA and created by a mama looking for a better designed baby shoe that doesn’t fall off. If you have ever lost a tiny baby shoe in the mall and had to back track your steps for 20 minutes to find it, you will appreciate the doesn’t-fall-off aspect of them. Freshly Picked sent me a pair in Aruba for Emaline, and I cannot wait until her tiny feet grow so she can wear them. freshly picked aruba I have so many ideas of how she is going to wear these beauties. I was a big fan of soft soled shoes for Elijah when he was tiny, so I am super excited to have these for Emaline, since they are 100 times cuter than anything Elijah had and these moccs come in so many great colors. Although my husband would disagree, I totally think Eli needs a pair, too…maybe these fun camo ones: freshly picked camo I am so happy to be doing a collaboration with Freshly Picked. One lucky winner will win a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins, in the size and color of their choice!  How awesome is that?  To enter, leave a comment and click the link below.  (It will bring you to the Rafflecopter website and allow you to enter that way.)  Get extra entries by following me on instagram and Twitter.  Giveaway is from May 9th-May 23rd, so tell your friends.  Open to US residents only.  Winner cannot have previously won a giveaway that included freshly picked moccs in the past 60 days.  Good luck! Click here to enter the giveaway.

monkey fashion.

I have noticed that I take less pictures of Elijah’s everyday outfits because he is so busy. all. the. time.  And when it’s rainy, we like to have comfy days around the house…and no one cares about the pjs he wears at night.  Although I do love it when he is in his jams and he looks like a baby monkey again instead of the toddler monkey he has become.

Here are a couple things he’s worn recently:



Puddle Splashing Wear.  In addition to puddles, Eli discovered worms.  And he discovered that when he tries to pick up a worm his mama freaks out and he thinks it is hilarious and tries to pick it up again.  So maybe I should call this his “Worm Grabbing Wear.”

jacket: The Children’s Place

jeans: baby Gap

rain boots: Western Chief from zulily



Play Clothes.  His skinnies have awesome grass stains on the knees.  I hope he doesn’t go through his jeans as quickly as his boy-grown-up daddy.

sweatshirt: babyGap

skinnies: Old Navy

shoes: Vans (sadly, the monkey has outgrown these trusty Vans.)

socks: Circo



Party Clothes.  This handsome little man was my date to a family wedding this past weekend.  I probably should’ve taken more (and better) pictures of him this day, but chasing a monkey around wearing pumps and a dress does not leave much time for photographs.  (To be clear, I was the one wearing the pumps and dress, not Eli.)

cardigan: Cherokee

button-up: babyGap

bow tie: designergirls from Etsy

black jeans: Truly Scrumptious by Heidi Klum

shoes: Vans



Shopping Clothes. I am in love with these yellow skinny jeans from babyGap.  They don’t look so skinny in this picture because I bought them a little big so he could wear them longer.  Another thing I am in love with is this tee he has on.  Can’t you just picture Judd Nelson walking across that football field and throwing his fist up in the air and hear “don’t you (forget about me)” by simple minds playing in your head…I sure can.

hoodie: osh kosh b’gosh

tee: zulily (I don’t remember the brand of it, but zulily has the coolest tee shirts for kiddos.)

jeans: babyGap

sneakers: stride rite

I don’t know if I am more excited to break out the spring and summer clothes for Elijah or for myself.  I have a few maxi dresses and skirts hanging in my closet that are just begging to be worn…

This post contains a referral link to zulily.  If you make a purchase from zulily using my referral link, I will receive credit.