Monkey at 21 (and a half) Months.

I am horrible at updating Elijah’s baby book.  I think the last time I wrote in it was before his first birthday.  I always have the best intentions with those sorts of things and never follow through.  I loved looking through my own baby book when I was a little girl; and I still enjoy seeing milestones written in my mom’s distinct handwriting.  Hopefully, I won’t rob Eli of that fun.  But I guess he can check out my instagram feed…

Every single day I have moments where I feel like he is such a little boy.  He is getting too big, too fast on me.  But then I’ll also have moments where I look at him and he is still my baby.  Like when he is still cuddly after naps and when he gives me a hug and just rests his head on my shoulder.  Or when he is asleep–he still looks like my sweet baby even if he is all sprawled out and his long limbs touch either side of the crib.

Perhaps I am doing this post for my own memory…but these are some things that Elijah Oscar does as a 21 month old.  Some are silly and some are probably completely normal and some are just ridiculous.


He pretends to be asleep in the middle of the floor.  This is something he learned from his girlfriend Kendal.  Although I’m not sure who he thinks he is fooling, because he often will cover himself up and tell me to “shhhhh” but keeps playing with his toys.


He is incredibly opinionated about what he eats, but then he eats as much as I do.  If he wants the Doritos instead of his apple, he is going to let you know.  He is also a veggie lover lately.  I’m pretty sure on Thanksgiving he only ate green bean casserole, even though I made sure that his favorite food (ketchup) was on his turkey.


He thinks he is too much of a big shot to ride in the part of the cart that is intended for a child his size.  Instead he wants to ride in the basket part and attempt to open any food items that I am purchasing.  Or, if daddy is with us, he wants to push it.  And will tell me “nooooooo!” if I try to help him.  (Please disregard my leggings, wool socks, moccasin combination I was wearing above…pregnancy makes it difficult to wear boots and Eli just won’t help a mama out.  So mocs are my go to; at least until the snow hits.)Image

And if his daddy is home, its as if I do not exist.  Wherever Daddy is, Eli is.  And usually they are wrestling or playing football or just being silly.  Eli will often bring RJ this football helmet and insist he put on the “hat” before they play football in our front room.  If there is a boo boo, monkey does run to me with his fake whine and tell me what hurts so I can kiss it.  I don’t mind that one bit.Image

Elijah may or may not have a slight iPad addiction.  This picture happened one day after I told him he couldn’t have the “bop” (what he has called the iPad since he started talking) and then went to the basement to do laundry.  He was playing with his cars happily in the front room, I’m downstairs for a couple minutes tops, and come up and he disappeared.  I found him on my bed in the dark.  He had climbed onto our bed, got the ipad off the nightstand, and started to watch Mickey.  He also brought that small Mickey up there with him.  And our bed is pretty tall.  The monkey is DEFINITELY a climber.  Image

We put up Mickey Christmas lights in his room and he wants them on all the time.  If I turn on the big light when he is looking at them he gets mad.  He climbs up onto his toy box and holds them and points out the red and green and white ones.  If we left them on at night, he would probably never sleep.  Image

He also wants to be too independent.  He refuses to hold my hand if I don’t want to carry him through a parking lot, and takes off his own clothes sometimes.  I read somewhere that a toddler should be able to dress himself before you have another baby…so he’s halfway there with the constantly taking his pants off thing.  Image

Elijah is such a goofball.  So silly.


He thinks he can just run onto the stage at church, whenever he wants.  That is why he is not allowed in worship on Sundays when his daddy is preaching.  His daddy also introduced him to the drums a few months back and he wants to go play them whenever they are in sight.  I hope he choses a less obnoxious instrument…like the piano or the guitar.  Image

And he has decided he is ready to potty train.  I am not sure I am ready for this yet.  But he tells us most of the time when he has to poo.  And lately it has been in the middle of the night.  I took this picture from my bed the other night.  He yells “daddy, daddy, daddy! poop” in the night and goes on the toilet.  I’m just glad he yells for RJ and not me…

Oh and he likes to climb up onto my lap whenever I am at the computer, as I am typing this he has wedged himself between my belly and the table.  Having a 25 pound monkey on my lap and a baby girl monkey in my belly is not conducive to typing on the macbook.

More Fall Monkey Fashion.

I keep telling myself it is normal for one child to go through 3 outfits on an average day.  This kid so messy, I really don’t know how it happens…and his “game” of ripping bibs off halfway through a meal doesn’t help.


Church Clothes.

I can’t get enough of this fox sweater.  Eli may wear it everyday this fall…

fox sweater: Nordstrom baby, (thanks grandma!) check out those hip elbow pads.

white tee: Carters.

yellow skinnies: babyGap.

sneakers: Converse.


Lazy Day with Mama Clothes.

These days, if we aren’t  leaving the house, (and let me be honest, sometimes even if we are leaving the house) my fashion choices are mostly yoga pants and leggings.  So I feel guilty making Elijah wear jeans if I am just in comfy clothes all the time.  And we have a lot of lazy days.

top: babyGap.  (it is just one top.)

orange sweatpants: Old Navy.

boots: Ugg, I got them at a resale shop for $15–who could pass that up?!  They have no soles, so he only wears them in the house, or to pass out Halloween candy on our porch.



Cute and Cozy Sweatshirt.

Sometimes I really wish monkey’s clothes came in grown up sizes…this sweatshirt is one of them.  Eli’s Auntie Moll bought it for him and it is super cozy.  Super.  Cozy.  Since he is getting over being a sick monkey, Elijah was allowed to have his paci when he wasn’t asleep.

sweatshirt: Genuine Kids from Osh Kosh.

black skinnies: Truly Scrumptious by Heidi Klum.  They are getting a little too skinny on his legs…

socks: Junk Food for baby Gap



Story-time Play Clothes.

Barnes and Noble has an awesome story time for littles.  They read a story and do a craft.  This year Eli actually wants to do the crafts so it is fun.  But it is hard for him to focus on the actual story since there are so many toys.  and the train table.  and the lego table.  and these round monster stuffed animals that have creepy little whisper voices.

hat: H&M.

grey tee: zulily (it has a cute screen print from The Breakfast Club on it.)

flannel lumber jack button up: The Children’s Place.

jeans with suspenders: H&M.  He has had these jeans for over a year–and they just now are fitting him.  And they even look a little baggy from behind so he can probably wear them for awhile.  My boy is so skinny.  He goes back and forth between wanting the suspenders up and whining while trying to pull them off.

sneakers: Stride Rite (Only $3 at a mom to mom sale.  This mama cannot pass up $3 play shoes.)

This post contains a referral link to zulily.  If you make a purchase from zulily using my referral link, I will receive credit.

My Baby Monkey Isn’t a Baby Anymore.

I love fall.  I have a crockpot of chili going and monkey and I are in our sweats.  

It just needs to stop raining for trick or treating tonight!

As I watch Elijah become more and more independent, it makes me a little sad.  I love that he can sit and play with his cars on the window sill for a while.  And that he makes his Little People characters talk to each other.  And that he sits with a book and turns all the pages and “reads” it to himself on the floor.  He will sit and do a small craft and build towers with his Duplos.  I love that he can vocalize what he wants to do (he led me by the hand into his room today and pointed to his sound machine “on!” and then to his crib “bed.”)  He is so big.  Too big.  (Not physically though…his pants fell down to his ankles this morning and he just yelled “uh oh” and stepped right out of them and continued to play.)

Sometimes, I do miss my monkey being so little.  He wasn’t feeling so good the past couple of days and he has been so cuddly.  We cuddled on the couch and watched Wall-E, 3 times I think, and I just thought about how he used to nap on me and cuddle whenever I wanted to.   His hugs do seem a little more special when he climbs up on me and says “hug” and just rests his head on my shoulder.  

I often wonder what is going through his little head when he is playing, and talking, and saying things in his own little language that he clearly thinks he is communicating something with.  I can tell that he already has a good imagination.  He sits with his cars and talks about his papi; or plays with his Batman and calls the other guy “coco.”  

Elijah is also becoming quite talented at puzzles.  He can put the majority of the pieces where they belong; he does get confused with his “h” and his “4” and turns each one, determined to make it fit in the wrong slot.  His favorite part, I think, is dumping all the pieces out to start over again. 




I guess it is perfect that we are having another baby monkey soon.  Maybe I will cut his hair after baby girl is born; he will be a big brother after all.

No, mama. No.

It seems like Elijah tells me “no” all day long. Sometimes it’s for good reason, when I ask him if he wants something specific, he can say no. That is super helpful. But when I need him to come to me, to maybe change his diaper, and he runs behind his crib to hide yelling no…not so helpful.
He also is a master at putting up the one finger to point when he says “no.” I have no clue how he picked that up…
My monkey is a clever little stinker though. When he is doing something he knows he shouldn’t be doing, I catch him shaking his head and saying, “no no.”
Standing on a chair: “no no.”
Climbing onto the fireplace: “no no.”
Twisting the knobs on the oven: no no.”
It’s often impossible not to laugh at him.

The so called “terrible twos” have to be a joke.

taste of summer

I have realized that my house will be a mess until fall comes, since the monkey wants to spend every waking moment outside. I hope my husband is okay with this…
sometimes I keep the curtains shut in the morning in hopes to trick Elijah into forgetting that the outside is there. This has not worked yet.
We’ve been spending our afternoons playing in the backyard, and I know I am going to have the best tan I have had in years this summer.



Yesterday we played in the sprinkler and went on wagon rides until daddy came home. Then Elijah blew (ate) bubbles with daddy until dinner.

grass stains & popsicle faces

we are ready for summer. so ready.

ready for sunny days. picnics. grass stains on all of monkey’s clothes. sticky, popsicle faces. bare feet. sunscreen. sprinklers. days in the pool. long weekends. burgers on the grill. sundresses and sandals for mama. walks to the park. play dates outdoors with friends. and so much more.

thank God for pixar.

and grapes.


I know that the AAP recommends no TV for kids under two…but when you’ve had a migraine for two days and your one year old is as busy as the monkey is, movies are a God-send.  

Eli has watched both Cars movies, and Monsters, Inc the past couple days.  And I use the term “watched” loosely because he will sit for a few minutes and then wander off and play.  or play his piano.  or cuddle his mama. or bring his mama a toy to kiss.

or ask for more grapes.

Which brings me to the second thing I am oh-so-thankful for: grapes.  He eats them like candy.  He went through half a bunch in one afternoon.  

I won’t elaborate on his diaper situation after the said grapes…but it wasn’t pretty.



March Madness is a big deal in our house.  I think we’ve had every game on so far.  A few weeks ago I scored a little tikes basketball hoop at a mom2mom sale for $10 and Eli has been in love with basketball ever since.ImageHe is quite good at making baskets the normal way, too.  Not just pulling it down to his face.  The monkey will get excited every time he sees his basketball.ImageElijah’s daddy decided that he needs a real basketball, not just a toy basketball.  So he got one at Target.  He was so happy he played with it in his carseat the whole drive home.ImageHe needs to hold the ball while he watches the games with daddy.ImageI love my boys.ImageRj took Eli into the ball closet at church and Eli was amazed.Image