Elijah Said That.


Elijah’s vocabulary is expanding everyday and sometimes he says awesome things.  The other day he was calling me “babe” (he heard RJ call me babe) and laughing because he knew he was being a silly monkey.  I have started noting some of the good ones– so here they are:

RJ is in the bathroom shaving.   And Eli runs up to me in the family room:

Eli: “Daddy take beard off!”

We pull into the driveway at church:

Eli: “Church!  There it is, found it!”

Sees himself in the mirror:

Eli: “Wook! (look) It’s you!”

Sitting on the toilet, trying to poo:

Eli: “Daddy toot!  Daddy toot! Noooooo, Daddy work.”  Then he precedes to laugh at his own joke. RJ taught him that toots are hilarious and it is necessary to announce them and laugh. 

I am in bed sleeping one morning, Eli is right next to my face:

Eli: “What mommy doing?”


And everything is 100 times cuter when it is said in Elijah’s sweet little voice.


Elijah Oscar is Two.

Last week, my baby monkey officially became a toddler.  Maybe it is because we have a tiny newborn, but Elijah seems so big now.  He is genuinely a little person and it surprises me every day the things that he says and understands.  I love Eli’s little personality; he is a real goof ball sometimes, but such a sweet boy.  Here are some cool things about Elijah Oscar as a two year old.IMG_0310

He loves books.  There are currently books scattered all over my house, because he picks one out and carries it to another room to read it.  His favorite book is “What Does the Fox Say?”   Continue reading

Elijah Loves Baby Girl.

“As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.” –Winnie the Pooh

Elijah is doing amazing as a big brother.  Even better than I had hoped he would do.

He does super sweet things, completely unprompted.  The first thing he did when he woke up this morning was ask to hold Emaline.  And by ask to hold her, I mean he says “I want it, I want it!”  We need to work on his use of personal pronouns.IMG_0351I love his crazy bedhead.  He gets so happy when he holds her.  IMG_0354She started touching his face and he thought it was hilarious.

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