Sick Babies, A Broken Keurig, and Mall Adventures.

First, check out the tummy on baby girl!  I can’t get enough of her tummy and chunky thighs.


My babies are sick.  Well, Elijah is sick.  Emaline is just congested.  Everyone slept in “mama’s bed,” as Eli would say, because at 3:00 am he was up with a fever and super sad.  None of our usual tricks to get him back to sleep worked, so cuddles in bed were the answer.  And I definitely didn’t hate sleeping between my two babies. Continue reading

A Mini-trip to Frakenmuth.

Going to Frakenmuth every November has been a kind-of-tradition of ours since we got married.  Since our anniversary is in early November, it is a nice anniversary getaway that always makes it feel like Christmastime to me.  The only year we haven’t gone was when I thought we were going, and then the night before RJ surprised me by telling me we were going to Disney World.  Which was pretty awesome, so I didn’t so much care about missing out on the Frakenmuth that year.  (Although, he has had to reassure me that we are indeed going to Frakenmuth, not Disney, for the past two years.)

This year was a whole new experience with the monkey coming along.  We spent the night at Zenhder’s Splash Village, which was super fun for Elijah.  He kept yelling “pool” and “fun” every second we were in the hotel.


He was impressed with the beds.  We even considered letting him sleep in one for a minute, but then quickly decided against it since it took him about 2 minutes to figure out how to open the door and escape into the hallway yelling “pool!”


Give my monkey a basketball and he is happy.


He was a little cautious on the big play area at first, but he warmed up real quick.  RJ spent most of the time following him up and down the stairs and around the perimeter to check everything out.


Sweet, chilly Eli and mama.


Elijah is always wanting to sit in chairs.  He thinks he is big.  I set him straight and remind him he is still my baby.


Spitting, oh so gracefully, after he was blowing bubbles in the water with Daddy.


A bell would chime before the huge bucket of water dumped.  Elijah figured this out quick and got excited when it was coming.


All pool-ed out.  He slept real good that night.  Real. Good.

We went to a tasty pizza place called T-Dubs for dinner and then we thought it would be a good idea to walk around a little.  It was not a good idea.  It was freezing and Eli looked miserable.


We stopped in Frakenmuth Fudge Kitchen to warm up.  And I just happened to buy 4 slabs of fudge while we were warming up…


There were Christmas jams playing so Eli showed off his moves.


The monkey is such a goof.


The only other store we went in was a toy store.  So Elijah had to check out the train table.

We planned on going to downtown Frakenmuth again the next morning, before we hit up the outlets, but it was cold.Image

And Elijah Oscar was having problems keeping his mittens on.


It was too cold for a baby monkey.  And he was not about to pose for some pictures in that cold either.


Doesn’t he look over it?


I want to go back in the spring, when its possible to walk around and not lose feeling in your toes.

As far as the outlets at Birch Run, that was a success.


He wanted to check out the sales.  Feel the fabrics.  Shop around for a good price.  Definitely my child.


Oh, I have trained him well.

Monkey Gets a Haircut.

So, I finally gave in.  After witnessing Elijah rubbing his eyes, and trying to get his long “bangs” out of his way, a few times this week, I broke down and made an appointment for a haircut.

Here is the before, notice the bangs completely covering his eyes, and please ignore the boogies:


And the after:


Buh-bye sweet baby curls.

He still looks handsome as ever.  But I am so sad that he is getting more and more grown up.  I loved his long, crazy hair.  But it was clearly starting to bother him lately.  And the sweet curls will grow back.

We went to Chaos Studio Salon in downtown Mt. Clemens.  RJ’s cousin, Gillian, works there.  Didn’t she do an awesome job?  Monkey did so good, too.  Probably because he knows Gillian and he had a few suckers.


And he looked adorable in the cape.  Although the sucker-drool-hair-clipping combination ended up being quite gross.


I swear he wasn’t mad.  He just kept his serious face on the whole time.


I forgot for a minute that his hair was short and then when we he took his hat off I was so sad.  I did hold back the tears though.


Thanks Gillian for doing such a great job!  (I should have thought to get a picture of Gillian and Elijah together…)


Monkey Loves November.

So far.  Even though we had a crazy, fun October.  I have a feeling November is going to be awesome as well.  We are only one week in, and already, Eli has had some adventures.


We spent one of the rainier days watching movies.  And both monkey and mama may have stayed in pjs until after nap time.  Eli feels the need to track down a toy from whatever Pixar movie he picks out, so Woody was on the couch with him while he viewed Toy Story 2.  As you can see he also needs to hold onto the DVD and talk about it while the movie is playing.


We went to Lakeside to use some coupons that were expiring from the Wrapp app.  I decided to skip the play area since it was a Saturday and chaotic in there, but Eli had fun with the light floor thing.  His favorite was when the water appeared, he ran around yelling “wa wa!  wa wa!”


Eli and his girl Kendal both had runny noses at church on Sunday, so we hung out in the parent room.  They spent a large amount of the service attempting to escape from the room.  Lucky for me, Monkey is a skinny boy and didn’t weigh down the baby gate  step enough for it to swing open.  They didn’t try to both stand on it together, which would’ve probably worked…


On Monday, mama had a migraine.  So daddy took Elijah to the library.  The library is always a hit, as are train tables.  We have to work on sharing, because whenever a new child came up to play Eli would shake his head and tell them “no.”




Elijah had a blast playing in the small leaf pile that his daddy gathered in our yard.  Once the leaves really start falling, he is going to be one happy monkey.




Because Eli loves the mall so much, we decided to take him there one night, even though it gets dark so early.  He ran around the fire place and asked if it was hot.  Elijah was the only kid in the play area, which has never happened to us before.  So he ran from the peas to the carrot that makes the creepy munching noise to the watermelon slide.  Then on the way back to the car we walked by the toy store.  Monkey was smitten with the giant giraffe.  Since it costs almost $200, gazing at him through the glass is going to have to be enough.

Elijah’s Pumpkin Adventures.

We got two giant pumpkins from a road side stand after we went to Blake’s a few weeks back.  I’m not sure why we bought two, since it took RJ almost two hours to carve one.  But my ambitious husband likes to carve the intricate designs that require a stencil and poking tiny holes in the pumpkin before the actual carving…too complicated for this mama.  I’m all about two triangle eyes and a toothy grin on my pumpkins.

First, Elijah looked through all the options on the Spoonful website with his daddy.  It was a tough choice, since Eli loves all things Disney.  They finally decided on Jake, probably because Elijah is so darn cute when he pumps his tiny fist and yells “yo ho, go go!”


The monkey was very interested in the guts, but wasn’t crazy about reaching into the pumpkin to help get them out.



He loved sticking the knife through the portions RJ had already carved.  LOVED IT.  So much that RJ couldn’t really make any progress cause Eli just wanted to sit with his daddy and “carve” with him.  Nothing a little pixar distraction couldn’t solve.



When Elijah realized that his daddy carved Jake into the pumpkin, he got real excited.  Climbed right up onto the chair and hugged him and bounced up and down.


He was not so excited about sitting on the porch in the cold to get a picture with his Jake pumpkin.  (Yes, he is holding up a tiny screw driver in front of his face.  The little things fascinate my child.)

The day before Elijah and Mama did some pumpkin decorating of our own.  Here are our finished pumpkins:


Mine is the one on the right.

And here’s a little pumpkin painting action for you:Image




I tried to get him to use his fingers, but once he saw me using a paintbrush he was all about that.  Maybe he’s going to be an artist…

I also feel the need to clarify that he has no clothes on because he was painting.  Even though it was washable paint, I didn’t want to deal with that mess–so I just plopped him in the tub after the painting was finished.  I usually put clothes (and pants) on my son.  I swear.

Here’s another picture of him with a pumpkin that his papi carved him:


He is super excited because it is Buzz.  And he is Buzz.  I’m glad we are getting so much use out of his store bought Buzz costume.  Well worth the $20.

Monkey goes camping.

We are not outdoorsy-type people.  RJ really dislikes camping.  I loved it when I was little.

Apparently Elijah is a huge fan.

We went camping at Sleeper State Park for a Halloween Weekend and Eli had a blast.  I don’t know what his favorite part was; the mud or playing with daddy all day or being with his friends for an entire weekend.

It rained every night but the days were pretty warm for October in Michigan.  But all the rain made for lots of mud.  All the clothes Elijah wore were from mom to mom sales or resale shops, so I didn’t really care about him getting muddy.  And boy, did he get muddy.

ImageGetting a feel for it.

ImageAfter an accidental face plant.

ImageOn the way to get a shower after an intentional face plant.  He is such a boy.

ImageThe monkey wanted to test out all the bigger kids bikes.  He liked Maidyn’s pink Radio Flyer best.

ImageTackle football with Daddy.

ImageSeriously, could my monkey get any happier?

ImageMy little tree hugger.

Image“Eyes!  Eyes!”

ImageDaddy helping Buzz fly.

ImageEli likes to check and make sure his daddy is having a good time.

ImageBuzz and his girl Minnie.

ImageElijah liked pointing out all the other kids in costumes more than the actual trick or treating.  He did enjoy eating a little bit at the end though.

elijah’s memorial weekend adventures.

We had a busy, but fun, Memorial Day weekend.

The monkey got to experience some new things (sand, jerky), and some things that seem new, now that he is so mobile (like the cottage).


Friday night Eli got to play on big inflatables at church…one of the perks of having a daddy who is a youth minister.

IMG_2371 IMG_7134


Saturday began with helping daddy dig a spot for the vegetable garden.  and eating dirt.


And then Eli took daddy for a long walk up to 7-11 to get mama a slurpee.



Saturday evening we had a bbq with my family, and Elijah enjoyed showing off and eating noni’s yummy lasagna.  On Sunday we had a bbq with good friends.  Then Monday we went up to the cottage.

Elijah has been to the cottage before, but last summer he would just play on a blanket or fall asleep on the boat.  This year is  a whole new world for the monkey.

We began a new “tradition” (as rj likes to refer to it) of stopping at the Almont Smokehouse on the way to the cottage.  Eli tasted his first venison and loved it.  I think the sausage was nice for him to chew since he has 4 (!!!) molars coming in back there…



The monkey was a little unsure of the water at first.  I don’t blame him, it was real cold.  But he stuck his toes in and eventually just sat right down on the edge, clothes and all.


He was a little afraid of the boat ride, but grandpa let him drive, so he was happy for a little.


Elijah was all about the sand.  Mama was not a fan of how much sand Elijah tried to eat.  I was hoping he would try it and decide that it wasn’t so appetizing after all, but no, he thought it was a funny game.

Burying and looking for his feet was exciting.



Eating is the highlight of any day for this kid.  Here Elijah demonstrates how many cheetos he can fit in his mouth at once.  Good job monkey, good job.


So much fun packed into one weekend.  We love summer already.



a monkey and the zoo.

Oh, Spring.  We missed you.

We received a zoo pass as a Christmas gift from RJ’s awesome aunt and uncle; and have been waiting for a nice spring day to use it.  Monday was the perfect day.  And we had the best time.

IMG_6534 IMG_6537

At first, Elijah just chowed down on some snacks and pointed at birds.  But when he saw actual zoo animals, he was hooked.

IMG_6539 IMG_6540

The monkey was pretty interested in actual monkeys.  The little ones were hard for him to spot in the trees, but he sure could spot the gorillas.  He also enjoyed looking at the signs with the pictures of all the animals, which are apparently just as interesting as live animals to a one-year-old.

IMG_6542 IMG_6544 IMG_6550

I think the giraffes were his favorite.  Especially since he kept seeing their heads from other parts of the zoo, which was very exciting for him.

IMG_6615 IMG_6614

Oh, thanks for showing us your chewed up graham cracker…such a silly man.

IMG_6553 IMG_6556IMG_6613 IMG_6612

The buffalo were pretty cool, too.

IMG_6557 IMG_6611

IMG_6609 IMG_6610

The last thing we saw was the Arctic area, where we saw polar bears outside.  (We didn’t see any swimming in the underwater tunnel, which was a bummer.)

IMG_6608 IMG_6607

We did see seals!  Eli thought that was pretty awesome.


There was a group of people near us in the Arctic area dressed as pirates.  Pirates are distracting to a little monkey.  Even when you are in a tunnel under water.

IMG_6563 IMG_6564

A storm was coming as we left, so it got a little bit windy…

It was such a fun day.  I cannot wait for us to go again.