Freshly Picked Style Inspiration.

The moment that I opened the Aruba moccs that Freshly Picked so kindly sent Emaline; I started dreaming of ways she’ll wear them. Since they don’t quite fit her itty feet yet, I decided to come up with a few outfit idea. (If you haven’t entered my giveaway yet, do it. Then you could win a pair to style for your tiny human.) IMG_1617
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Make Life With a Newborn (a tiny bit) Easier.

Taking care of a newborn is hard.  Really hard.

I don’t think “easy” and “newborn” actually belong in the same sentence. Taking care of a newborn is anything but easy. I have amazing family and friends who made sure we had food for the first two weeks and helped out a ton. They were more useful than anything on this list! These are some things that made my life a tiny bit easier those first grueling six weeks:

1. A Moby Wrap.  I don’t know why I never had one with Elijah.  It’s amazing.  Emaline really likes to be held.  So the Moby is so great for when I want to eat dinner with both hands or when Elijah needs to go on the potty.  Or if I do.  It has also been great since the weather has become adequate for playing outside.  I can wear her in the Moby and push Eli in his little car. Having use of both hands and keeping Emmy cozy is a lifesaver.IMG_0695 Continue reading