Elijah’s Toy Story Birthday.

We celebrated Elijah’s second birthday a couple weeks early this past weekend, because I knew I probably wouldn’t be up for having a party with a newborn.  It, of course, snowed like crazy, but Eli still had a great time.  He was a teensy bit crabby because he refused to nap that afternoon…probably from all the excitement with the 30 balloons his mama ordered.  I love decorating for his parties.  Although I do always have these grandiose ideas that I can’t actually execute, but it is still fun for me.  IMG_0005

I learned that the alphabet blocks do not have enough y’s or h’s for me to spell out “Happy Birthday Elijah,” so I had to improvise. IMG_0008

I made the bunting out of scrapbook paper and chipboard letters.IMG_0010

It is no surprise that the monkey has most of the toys from Toy Story.  So that made decorating easier.  It was so fun to watch Elijah realize all the decorations were Buzz and “Wee Wee.”  He came out after his nap that didn’t involve any actual napping and kept saying “oh wow” when he noticed different things.IMG_0020

The centerpieces were mason jars that I filled with various toys; army men, monkeys, and plastic badges, and then tied some balloons on them.  IMG_0023

The banner was one of the things that didn’t quite turn out how I had planned, but it worked.IMG_0024

I am so happy with the cake.  Terri, a very talented lady from our church, made it and it totally exceeded my expectations.  IMG_0028

Not only did it look amazing, it tasted pretty amazing…as do slices of leftover cake at 3:00 am.IMG_0032 She even made these Pixar cake balls, which are the perfect size for a two year old to snack on.IMG_0034

Did you notice that Mr. Potato Head was missing an ear?  The birthday boy was very impressed with his cake when he saw it, and thought that ear looked too tasty to leave on Potato Head’s head.


He tried to blow out the candles before we even started singing to him.  Silly little monkey.IMG_0039 IMG_0043

He had a lot of practice the past couple months with my birthday and RJ’s birthday, so he is a candle-blowing-out-pro now.  He got some awesome gifts for his birthday, too.  We got pictures of a couple of them:IMG_0053

Hunter Boots from Grandma and Grandpa; although I pretty am sure that this part of the gift was all Grandma…


I was a little excited about his Hunters.IMG_0056 IMG_0064

He is destined to be a book worm.  He got a few books to add to his collection and “reads” them all the time.


There was also a drum set.IMG_0070

So much for him not picking an obnoxious instrument to be interested in…IMG_0072

A sweet Mickey Mouse bike from Grandma and Grandpa, too.  IMG_0087

The dress up set that Uncle Co Co and soon-to-be Auntie Air got him was also a big hit.

Elijah is so blessed to have such great friends and family in his life.  Thank you to everyone who came out into the blizzard to make his party special.  We are a pretty lucky family.

All photos in this post were taken by Molly Grunewald.  Check out her website here.


Elijah’s Mickey Mouse Birthday

Last Saturday, Elijah Oscar turned one and we had a great party for him.  I was all over pinterest to get fantastic DIY ideas, and may have went a little overboard.  After two months of planning, I am glad that it turned out so cute. (click on the thumbnails to view the pictures larger.)

I wish we had taken more pictures of the actual party.  We didn’t get any pictures of the guests or the present opening.  I guess we were a little too busy.


Elijah’s Mickey Mouse birthday was a huge success!  We are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends who came to celebrate.  I am glad it all came together after all the time I spent planning it and making the decorations.