Monkey Style.

Baby monkeys are so lucky. They basically get a completely new wardrobe every couple months. It makes me a little bit jealous. This spring Elijah doesn’t exactly get an entirely new one because his skinny butt still fits in every pair of shorts from last summer. But Emaline is a lucky lady, and so is this mama because I love picking out her sweet outfits.
Here is a little taste of what my monkeys have been wearing this spring, (which hasn’t really been all that spring-like).

Sunday Funday Clothes.
Eli: chambray top: Baker by Ted Baker. It has a cool dog print on it.
skinnies: babyGap. babyGap jeans are totally worth the money. They are such great quality and always stylish.
black high tops: Old Navy.
Emaline: blue striped dress: babyGap. I am very into dresses that aren’t super babyish and pink for her.
bandana bib: h&m. Emaline spits up way more than Eli ever did, so bibs are completely necessary. I like that bandana bibs look more accessory-like.
tights: Old Navy. It is crazy that baby tights come in sizes like 0-6 months…I can’t imagine these still fitting her when she is 6 months old. Continue reading

Freshly Picked Style Inspiration.

The moment that I opened the Aruba moccs that Freshly Picked so kindly sent Emaline; I started dreaming of ways she’ll wear them. Since they don’t quite fit her itty feet yet, I decided to come up with a few outfit idea. (If you haven’t entered my giveaway yet, do it. Then you could win a pair to style for your tiny human.) IMG_1617
Continue reading

A Freshly Picked Giveaway.

This giveaway has ended.  Thanks to everyone who entered!

Congrats to Kristin M!  I hope your little monkey enjoys her Neon Pink Freshly Picked Moccs:)

Do you dream about moccasins?  I do.  Especially when they look like this: Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 2.50.15 PM I love everything about Freshly Picked Moccasins.  Everything.  The gorgeous colors.  The 100% genuine leather.  That they are made in the USA and created by a mama looking for a better designed baby shoe that doesn’t fall off. If you have ever lost a tiny baby shoe in the mall and had to back track your steps for 20 minutes to find it, you will appreciate the doesn’t-fall-off aspect of them. Freshly Picked sent me a pair in Aruba for Emaline, and I cannot wait until her tiny feet grow so she can wear them. freshly picked aruba I have so many ideas of how she is going to wear these beauties. I was a big fan of soft soled shoes for Elijah when he was tiny, so I am super excited to have these for Emaline, since they are 100 times cuter than anything Elijah had and these moccs come in so many great colors. Although my husband would disagree, I totally think Eli needs a pair, too…maybe these fun camo ones: freshly picked camo I am so happy to be doing a collaboration with Freshly Picked. One lucky winner will win a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins, in the size and color of their choice!  How awesome is that?  To enter, leave a comment and click the link below.  (It will bring you to the Rafflecopter website and allow you to enter that way.)  Get extra entries by following me on instagram and Twitter.  Giveaway is from May 9th-May 23rd, so tell your friends.  Open to US residents only.  Winner cannot have previously won a giveaway that included freshly picked moccs in the past 60 days.  Good luck! Click here to enter the giveaway.

Monkey Fashion.

Here is some of the cool stuff Eli has worn lately.


Boys can rock leggings too.

Cardigan: h&m.

Helvetica tee: American Apparel.

Leggings: Kickin’ Legs.  I found this super cute shop on instagram last month.  She made these custom Mickey leggings for Elijah and they turned out awesome. (check out her etsy shop here.)  I may have to buy some Minnie ones for Emaline, because I’m going to be all cheesy and make my kids match sometimes.

High tops: Converse.


Hanging out in his favorite spot…Emaline’s room.

Tee: Grey Thread by Riley Clay.  This is another sweet shop I discovered on instagram.  She makes awesome tees for grown ups too.  (check out her etsy here.)  I ordered him a 4T so he can wear it for a while.

Pants: Crazy 8.  They are a little loose on him, but I could not resist the neon green.

IMG_0438Batman wegos. 

Ever since RJ took him to the Lego movie, every Batman item he owns is now a Batman sego (lego).

Tee: Old Navy.  I bought this at the resale shop for $1.00 last summer.

Jeans: First Impressions.

Suspenders: Zulily.  These have been in his closet since he was still crawling and this is the first time he let me put them on him.  This time was purely function since his pants just fall right off his skinny butt–especially when he has underpants on.

Socks: Body Glove.


Library Day.

Tee: Zulily.  Rawr means I love you in dinosaur.  Really.

Thermal: Osh Kosh.

Jeans: Levis.

Sneakers: Converse.  $6.00 at the children’s resale shop.  I can’t resist awesome shoes for an awesome price.  Ever.


Tiny Pianist.

Hat: GapKids.  He picked this out.

Sweater: The Children’s Place.

Pants: babyGap.  And they are so cozy.  Although light colored pants like this are not the best choice for my messy monkey.

Socks: Body Glove.  We love bright colors.

Maybe I will have to start posting Emaline’s cool outfits too.  She changes more times in a day than her big bro does.

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My Favorite Places to Buy Little Man Clothes…on a Budget.


It’s no secret that I love shopping.  And dressing Elijah in stylish clothes.  And getting good deals.  I have learned a few things in Eli’s almost two years of life about shopping for tiny human clothes, at least for boys.  We will see how shopping for little girl clothes is different.  I have figured out the things that I am willing to spend a little more on, because they will last longer, and the things that I try avoid buying new.  I confess that I have spent parts of my monthly clothing budget on Elijah, but I do a good job staying within his allotted clothing budget…which we may have to change shortly since there is a baby girl monkey coming, who will also need to be stylish and adorable.

The clearance rack is my best friend.  And I rarely shop at stores without a coupon.  And I don’t pay full price for Eli’s clothes.  Because, he is a toddler.  He is a boy.  He is messy.  He is rough on clothes.  He probably gets that from his daddy, who wears holes in his jeans worse than his two year old son and goes through a pair of Converse a season. Continue reading

Winter Monkey Fashion.

I haven’t done a monkey fashion post in awhile…mostly because he spent the majority of the past two months pants-less because of the potty training situation.

He is required to wear pants whenever we leave our house.  Don’t worry.  Here are a few of the sweet outfits he wore in December and January.

image-2 image

Cool Christmas-time Clothes.

I loved dressing him in Christmasy things this year.  I am a sucker for any holiday themed top.  I can’t  believe this is the only picture I got of him in Christmas clothes.  Especially because he had the cutest outfits for all of our Christmas Parties!

green flannel: Tucker + Tate.  His godmother, Molly, bought him this flannel and it is perfect for layering.

Elf tee: zulily. Monkey is probably going to think I am such a dork when he is older.  I think it is super cute to dress him in tees that have funny things from movies I love.

skinnies: Levi

boots: babyGap.  I am kicking myself now for not buying these in the next size up.  His toes are all the way to the end, so they are done any day now.



Elijah-Picks-His-Own-Clothes Outfit.

I think he is too young to be choosy about what he wears.  He saw this in his closet and kept saying “Michael Jordan!  Please Mama, Michael Jordan!”  So, of course, I caved.

Jordan jersey and shorts: Air Jordan.  RJ actually spotted this gem at a mom to mom sale we went to in the fall.  Eli recognized the “jump man” immediately.  I want to say we paid $3 or $4 for it.  Awesome, right?

long sleeve tee:  The Children’s Place.


Polar Vortex Cozy Clothes.

When Elijah did wear pants at home in the past two months, they were usually cozy sweats or leggings like these…making the pulling down of the pants to go on the potty step much smoother.  (A couple times I put leg warmers on him and his daddy was not a fan.)

hoodie: Old Navy.

tee: Love + Art.  I got it at Target.

leggings: Abbey Swanson, one of my good friends, made these.  She made these “custom” for my tall, skinny monkey by adding the cuff at the bottom.   (If you want to see more of her cute stuff or purchase it, follow @aswaney on instagram)

socks: Body Glove.


Running Errands Outfit.

On the rare occasion that we left the house, he wore something like this.

Batman henley: Love + Art.  Target had a bunch of cool super hero tees like this one on clearance in December.  I am liking this brand, super soft cotton and they wash up well.

skinnies:  Old Navy.  It is hard to tell from my iPhone picture, but they are an army green color.

socks: Stride Rite.


Going to Mrs. Meg’s Birthday Weekend Clothes.

We went up to Port Sanilac to celebrate our friend Megan’s big 3-0 in early January.  A blizzard ensued when we were up there.  But we all had fun.

hat and puffer:  Old Navy.

sweatshirt: Genuine Kids from oshkosh.  He wore this sweatshirt a couple days ago and it got stuck on his head, so I guess it needs to go in the “too small bin.”

cords:  H&M.  These grey-blue cords have a drawstring waist and are jersey lined.  So they are super comfy for two hour car rides in the snow.

boots: babyGap.



Potty Training Wear.

I don’t make him wear wellies everyday for potty purposes.  He wanted to put them on today, I swear.

sweatshirt: H&M.  How adorable is this Mickey print!?

underpants: Disney.  You can’t tell because the sweatshirt covers them, but they are Jake underpants.  We let him pick out what character he wanted on his underpants so he gets excited about wearing them.

socks: mini Boden.

wellies: Hunter.  Elijah got these awesome red Hunters from his Grandma for his birthday.  Although, I know  the Hunters were more for mama and the Mickey bike was the real present for monkey.

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November Monkey Fashion.

I see my future a little bit clearer as Elijah gets more and more opinionated about his clothes…this fun dressing my little man in adorable outfits is not going to last.  This week RJ put him in a Lightning McQueen tee that Eli picked out, and then he had a change of heart and was asking for the Batman tee that RJ had originally selected for him.

Dressing in layers is always what I do in the winter months so I am doing the same for the little man.


Thanksgiving Day Attire.

We were going for a casual, cool vibe here.

blazer and button up: little maven by Tori Spelling.  I saw these walking through jcpenney one day and waited for a good sale.  The shirt has a fox print on it, and the buttons on the blazer and the fox pocket square put me over the edge.  We had to have it.

skinny jeans: babyGap (of course.)

brown high tops: babyGap.  These have an inside zipper so they don’t have to be laced up every time.  Genius.  Easiest high tops to get on a squirmy 21 month old.


Church Clothes.

I feel like he wears the same 4 or 5 pairs of pants all the time.  But they fit and I like them.  So yellow skinnies are a staple until he grows out of them.  I saw some red skinnies at baby Gap that I am sale-stalking.

grey v-neck sweater: The Children’s Place.  I often find some great “dress” clothes for Eli there.  They have good sale prices and always have a coupon out.

navy polo: Ralph Lauren.  I found this at a mom to mom sale this past fall.  The lady had 4 different sized polos and I should’ve bought them all.  I think I paid $2.00 for it and it’s in great shape.

skinnies: baby Gap.

brown high-tops: baby Gap.


Playdate Wear.

And this playdate was clearly before his big haircut.  I look at pictures of him with his long hair daily and get a tiny bit sad that its gone…

tee: zulily.  If you don’t recognize the “Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good…” then you should probably do yourself a favor and watch Zoolander.  Right now.  I find it hard to resist the clever children’s tees that they often have on zulily.  So stinking cute.

long sleeve tee: Carters.

grey jeans: Levis, 511 skinny.

socks: Carters.


More Church Clothes.

Eli is not so good at the looking-at-the-camera-and-smiling-pose.  So I try to sneak pictures of him playing, like the one above where he is hiding in the curtains.

orange button-up: Carters.  Doesn’t my boy look good in orange?

skinny jeans: baby Gap.  This is my favorite pair that he owns right now.  I get overly excited if they don’t get visibly dirty during the day, and then he is able to wear them a second day.

high tops with the cool orange laces: baby Gap.  I think he has worn these every day since I bought them two weeks ago.

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More Fall Monkey Fashion.

I keep telling myself it is normal for one child to go through 3 outfits on an average day.  This kid so messy, I really don’t know how it happens…and his “game” of ripping bibs off halfway through a meal doesn’t help.


Church Clothes.

I can’t get enough of this fox sweater.  Eli may wear it everyday this fall…

fox sweater: Nordstrom baby, (thanks grandma!) check out those hip elbow pads.

white tee: Carters.

yellow skinnies: babyGap.

sneakers: Converse.


Lazy Day with Mama Clothes.

These days, if we aren’t  leaving the house, (and let me be honest, sometimes even if we are leaving the house) my fashion choices are mostly yoga pants and leggings.  So I feel guilty making Elijah wear jeans if I am just in comfy clothes all the time.  And we have a lot of lazy days.

top: babyGap.  (it is just one top.)

orange sweatpants: Old Navy.

boots: Ugg, I got them at a resale shop for $15–who could pass that up?!  They have no soles, so he only wears them in the house, or to pass out Halloween candy on our porch.



Cute and Cozy Sweatshirt.

Sometimes I really wish monkey’s clothes came in grown up sizes…this sweatshirt is one of them.  Eli’s Auntie Moll bought it for him and it is super cozy.  Super.  Cozy.  Since he is getting over being a sick monkey, Elijah was allowed to have his paci when he wasn’t asleep.

sweatshirt: Genuine Kids from Osh Kosh.

black skinnies: Truly Scrumptious by Heidi Klum.  They are getting a little too skinny on his legs…

socks: Junk Food for baby Gap



Story-time Play Clothes.

Barnes and Noble has an awesome story time for littles.  They read a story and do a craft.  This year Eli actually wants to do the crafts so it is fun.  But it is hard for him to focus on the actual story since there are so many toys.  and the train table.  and the lego table.  and these round monster stuffed animals that have creepy little whisper voices.

hat: H&M.

grey tee: zulily (it has a cute screen print from The Breakfast Club on it.)

flannel lumber jack button up: The Children’s Place.

jeans with suspenders: H&M.  He has had these jeans for over a year–and they just now are fitting him.  And they even look a little baggy from behind so he can probably wear them for awhile.  My boy is so skinny.  He goes back and forth between wanting the suspenders up and whining while trying to pull them off.

sneakers: Stride Rite (Only $3 at a mom to mom sale.  This mama cannot pass up $3 play shoes.)

This post contains a referral link to zulily.  If you make a purchase from zulily using my referral link, I will receive credit.

Monkey Fashion. fall part one.

Fall is so much more fun to dress the monkey.

He basically lived in basketball shorts and tee shirts all summer, so the cooler weather brings more options for him (or for me, since he would wear a batman tee everyday if I let him pick).


Church Clothes.

It is fun to dress him up a little for church each week.   Elijah has had these suspender pants since last winter, but since he is so skinny they just fit him now.  I bought the long sleeved top on clearance this week and it is a little big, but that just means he can wear it more!

top: crewcuts by J.Crew

pants with suspenders: H&M

shoes: Stride Rite


Play Clothes.

Eli has been very into super heroes the last couple weeks, ever since we were camping and two of his older friends were Batman and Spiderman.  He calls all super heroes “Batman” at the moment.  He is little, so he has time to learn all their names.

tee with removable cape: Circo (this was actually a first birthday gift from his godfather, “Co Co.”)

skinny jeans: babyGap

socks: Junk Food for babyGap


Dinner Party Wear.

It’s hard to tell from the lighting in this picture, but his jeans are a light grey.  And I am in love with them.

shirt: H&M

skinny jeans: Levis, 511 skinny.

sneakers: Converse (I am a little sad he is growing out of these.)


Play Date Clothes.

I don’t usually put him in bodysuits any longer.  I think they make him look too baby-ish.  But when I saw this “Never Grow Up” one, I knew Elijah had to have it.  His room is Peter Pan themed and if he is like his daddy, he will be a boy-grown-up even when he is an adult.  Eli also recently learned to climb up onto his toy box to get a better look at Hook.  So that is why he is sitting on it.

bodysuit: babyGap

sweatshirt and pants: Truly Scrumptious by Heidi Klum (he actually asked me to put his hood on and kept it up for a while.)

fox socks: crazy 8

sneakers: Converse

monkey fashion.

I have noticed that I take less pictures of Elijah’s everyday outfits because he is so busy. all. the. time.  And when it’s rainy, we like to have comfy days around the house…and no one cares about the pjs he wears at night.  Although I do love it when he is in his jams and he looks like a baby monkey again instead of the toddler monkey he has become.

Here are a couple things he’s worn recently:



Puddle Splashing Wear.  In addition to puddles, Eli discovered worms.  And he discovered that when he tries to pick up a worm his mama freaks out and he thinks it is hilarious and tries to pick it up again.  So maybe I should call this his “Worm Grabbing Wear.”

jacket: The Children’s Place

jeans: baby Gap

rain boots: Western Chief from zulily



Play Clothes.  His skinnies have awesome grass stains on the knees.  I hope he doesn’t go through his jeans as quickly as his boy-grown-up daddy.

sweatshirt: babyGap

skinnies: Old Navy

shoes: Vans (sadly, the monkey has outgrown these trusty Vans.)

socks: Circo



Party Clothes.  This handsome little man was my date to a family wedding this past weekend.  I probably should’ve taken more (and better) pictures of him this day, but chasing a monkey around wearing pumps and a dress does not leave much time for photographs.  (To be clear, I was the one wearing the pumps and dress, not Eli.)

cardigan: Cherokee

button-up: babyGap

bow tie: designergirls from Etsy

black jeans: Truly Scrumptious by Heidi Klum

shoes: Vans



Shopping Clothes. I am in love with these yellow skinny jeans from babyGap.  They don’t look so skinny in this picture because I bought them a little big so he could wear them longer.  Another thing I am in love with is this tee he has on.  Can’t you just picture Judd Nelson walking across that football field and throwing his fist up in the air and hear “don’t you (forget about me)” by simple minds playing in your head…I sure can.

hoodie: osh kosh b’gosh

tee: zulily (I don’t remember the brand of it, but zulily has the coolest tee shirts for kiddos.)

jeans: babyGap

sneakers: stride rite

I don’t know if I am more excited to break out the spring and summer clothes for Elijah or for myself.  I have a few maxi dresses and skirts hanging in my closet that are just begging to be worn…

This post contains a referral link to zulily.  If you make a purchase from zulily using my referral link, I will receive credit.