Only 5 Hours til Bedtime.

Elijah is acting like a two year old today.
These terrible twos are no joke. My monkey used to be such a good napper. I would let him bring a toy or book to bed with him and turn out the light and leave him in his bed awake and he would play a little and then fall asleep for about two hours. This past week it’s like a switch flipped and he decided he doesn’t want to nap. But the problem is he needs to nap. He is too little to stay up all day. I just wish he knew that. Continue reading

Monkey Style.

Baby monkeys are so lucky. They basically get a completely new wardrobe every couple months. It makes me a little bit jealous. This spring Elijah doesn’t exactly get an entirely new one because his skinny butt still fits in every pair of shorts from last summer. But Emaline is a lucky lady, and so is this mama because I love picking out her sweet outfits.
Here is a little taste of what my monkeys have been wearing this spring, (which hasn’t really been all that spring-like).

Sunday Funday Clothes.
Eli: chambray top: Baker by Ted Baker. It has a cool dog print on it.
skinnies: babyGap. babyGap jeans are totally worth the money. They are such great quality and always stylish.
black high tops: Old Navy.
Emaline: blue striped dress: babyGap. I am very into dresses that aren’t super babyish and pink for her.
bandana bib: h&m. Emaline spits up way more than Eli ever did, so bibs are completely necessary. I like that bandana bibs look more accessory-like.
tights: Old Navy. It is crazy that baby tights come in sizes like 0-6 months…I can’t imagine these still fitting her when she is 6 months old. Continue reading

Freshly Picked Style Inspiration.

The moment that I opened the Aruba moccs that Freshly Picked so kindly sent Emaline; I started dreaming of ways she’ll wear them. Since they don’t quite fit her itty feet yet, I decided to come up with a few outfit idea. (If you haven’t entered my giveaway yet, do it. Then you could win a pair to style for your tiny human.) IMG_1617
Continue reading

I Love My Mama.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama.


I am so lucky that you are you.  Thank you for showing me what unconditional love is and how to shop the clearance racks.   Thank you for loving Jesus and dragging three whiney kids to church every Sunday.  Thank you for teaching me the importance of loving your husband and how to be a good wife.   Continue reading

A Freshly Picked Giveaway.

This giveaway has ended.  Thanks to everyone who entered!

Congrats to Kristin M!  I hope your little monkey enjoys her Neon Pink Freshly Picked Moccs:)

Do you dream about moccasins?  I do.  Especially when they look like this: Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 2.50.15 PM I love everything about Freshly Picked Moccasins.  Everything.  The gorgeous colors.  The 100% genuine leather.  That they are made in the USA and created by a mama looking for a better designed baby shoe that doesn’t fall off. If you have ever lost a tiny baby shoe in the mall and had to back track your steps for 20 minutes to find it, you will appreciate the doesn’t-fall-off aspect of them. Freshly Picked sent me a pair in Aruba for Emaline, and I cannot wait until her tiny feet grow so she can wear them. freshly picked aruba I have so many ideas of how she is going to wear these beauties. I was a big fan of soft soled shoes for Elijah when he was tiny, so I am super excited to have these for Emaline, since they are 100 times cuter than anything Elijah had and these moccs come in so many great colors. Although my husband would disagree, I totally think Eli needs a pair, too…maybe these fun camo ones: freshly picked camo I am so happy to be doing a collaboration with Freshly Picked. One lucky winner will win a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins, in the size and color of their choice!  How awesome is that?  To enter, leave a comment and click the link below.  (It will bring you to the Rafflecopter website and allow you to enter that way.)  Get extra entries by following me on instagram and Twitter.  Giveaway is from May 9th-May 23rd, so tell your friends.  Open to US residents only.  Winner cannot have previously won a giveaway that included freshly picked moccs in the past 60 days.  Good luck! Click here to enter the giveaway.

Planning for Disney–6 months out.

It’s no secret that we are in love with Walt Disney World.  We have a family wedding in October just a couple hours away from Disney World, so of course we are going to stay a few days extra to hit up the most magical place on earth!  Eli’s first trip was last summer, and it was the best.  So we are so excited to go again.


Planning for Disney World is a huge task.  Really fun, but huge.  RJ loves to plan it too, so we do it as a joint effort.  I’m not going to blog about the obvious stuff: hotel, purchasing park tickets, etc.  But a major part of the planning for Disney is the food!  We make all our reservations on the website, and it is super easy.  You just plug in the date, meal, how much you’re willing to spend, and it gives you all the available options.  Reservations can be made up to 180 days prior to your visit.  (This may be obvious, but it is best to figure out what days you will be in what park, and then base your dining reservations around that.)  And with little ones, character meals are important and fun.

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Emaline’s Baptism.

On Sunday, my sweet baby girl was baptized–by her daddy.  Baptism is such an important event and RJ being able to baptize her was just too amazing for words.  It was moment that I will never forget.  Here’s a video:

And yes, that was Elijah shouting “Daddy!” Continue reading

Adventures Lately.

I feel like these past few week have been so incredibly busy.  But that’s our life.  Here’s a glimpse of our most recent adventures.

IMG_1306_2 IMG_1318_2

We went to the zoo a lot.  Almost once a week.  The Detroit Zoo Membership is totally worth it.  My little Lightning saw this bear poop.  He thought it was hilarious and talked about it for days. Continue reading

Mess Free Egg Decorating.

I wanted to find a fun relatively clean way for Elijah to get his egg decorating on.  I spent a couple minutes on Pinterest looking, and found this melted crayon method over on Spoonful.  Parents had some good ideas too, but I wanted something a little more creative than stickers on eggs.  Plus I was hoping for little to no prep since my eggs were already boiling and nap time was looming.

egg decorating Continue reading

Make Life With a Newborn (a tiny bit) Easier.

Taking care of a newborn is hard.  Really hard.

I don’t think “easy” and “newborn” actually belong in the same sentence. Taking care of a newborn is anything but easy. I have amazing family and friends who made sure we had food for the first two weeks and helped out a ton. They were more useful than anything on this list! These are some things that made my life a tiny bit easier those first grueling six weeks:

1. A Moby Wrap.  I don’t know why I never had one with Elijah.  It’s amazing.  Emaline really likes to be held.  So the Moby is so great for when I want to eat dinner with both hands or when Elijah needs to go on the potty.  Or if I do.  It has also been great since the weather has become adequate for playing outside.  I can wear her in the Moby and push Eli in his little car. Having use of both hands and keeping Emmy cozy is a lifesaver.IMG_0695 Continue reading