Donuts Make Us Go Nuts.

Happy National Donut Day. What? You didn’t know today was a holiday?IMG_2340
In our house, we like to celebrate every holiday that involves food. Especially if we can get donuts for free.
Thank you Tim Hortons!IMG_2350
When I was pregnant with Emaline, I think I ate more donuts in the last trimester than I usually eat in a couple years. I wanted boston creme donuts all the time. RJ would even go get me them late at night; since Tim Hortons is open 24 hours. What a guy 🙂
So I, of course, couldn’t pass up a chance to get monkey and I some free donuts. And it was a fun little adventure for him…standing at the glass admiring all the pretty donuts and running around the restaurant saying “hi” to all the patrons enjoying their morning coffee.IMG_2367
I opted to get a pretty sprinkled donut instead of my usual. And the nice girl at the counter let Eli pick a free one even though I was buying him timbits.IMG_2369
For some reason he won’t eat a whole donut. Only the donut holes. IMG_2346
(Except for that one time we saw the hot donut sign at Krispy Kreme on the way to Uncle Co Co’s reception and we all ate hot donuts in our fancy wedding attire. He was so excited about that hot donut that I couldn’t even get a good picture of him.)IMG_3587
Elijah also enjoyed climbing all over the armchairs at Tim Hortons while eating his “small donuts.”IMG_2363
I think Emaline enjoyed her first National Donut Day from her carseat.IMG_2356
Have a fun Donut Day, friends. Eat some donuts.IMG_2342

About jessgrune

I'm Jessica. I am a wife and a mama. My husband, Rj, is a youth pastor who just began seminary this fall. Our baby boy, Elijah, is almost two and he is the coolest thing I have ever made. In February we will be adding a baby girl monkey to our family. I love doing crafts, shopping for good deals, vacations in Disney World, naps, and playing with my monkey. I have more fun picking out clothes for Eli than I should admit. I wish I spent more time reading good books. And I really miss sleeping for more than 4 hours at a time, but I am told this will happen day.

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