Only 5 Hours til Bedtime.

Elijah is acting like a two year old today.
These terrible twos are no joke. My monkey used to be such a good napper. I would let him bring a toy or book to bed with him and turn out the light and leave him in his bed awake and he would play a little and then fall asleep for about two hours. This past week it’s like a switch flipped and he decided he doesn’t want to nap. But the problem is he needs to nap. He is too little to stay up all day. I just wish he knew that.
I think that he decided to commit fully to the terrible two thing today. I lost track of the number of time-outs he has received. He hit all of his friends multiple times during our play date today. Or just gave them a good shove. He threw all of his food on the floor at lunch time. He screamed for the TV. He demands his “other juice” and I’m not even sure what other juice he is referring to. I could go on, but I will spare you.
I’m accustomed to the crying over almost everything phase Eli is currently in. And most of the other things I can handle, but not napping is something that I can not accept. Not only does he need the rest, but I do. If he stops napping, when will I shower? I need those precious 2 hours. I love that I get that time to spend one on one with Emaline. I am not ready to give it up.
So here I am, looking at pictures of Eli to make me smile and counting down the hours until bedtime, or at least the hours until daddy gets home and I can have a large glass of moscato.

Elijah's newest trick: the kissy face.

Elijah’s newest trick: the kissy face.

About jessgrune

I'm Jessica. I am a wife and a mama. My husband, Rj, is a youth pastor who just began seminary this fall. Our baby boy, Elijah, is almost two and he is the coolest thing I have ever made. In February we will be adding a baby girl monkey to our family. I love doing crafts, shopping for good deals, vacations in Disney World, naps, and playing with my monkey. I have more fun picking out clothes for Eli than I should admit. I wish I spent more time reading good books. And I really miss sleeping for more than 4 hours at a time, but I am told this will happen day.

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