Emaline’s Baptism.

On Sunday, my sweet baby girl was baptized–by her daddy.  Baptism is such an important event and RJ being able to baptize her was just too amazing for words.  It was moment that I will never forget.  Here’s a video:

And yes, that was Elijah shouting “Daddy!” Continue reading

Adventures Lately.

I feel like these past few week have been so incredibly busy.  But that’s our life.  Here’s a glimpse of our most recent adventures.

IMG_1306_2 IMG_1318_2

We went to the zoo a lot.  Almost once a week.  The Detroit Zoo Membership is totally worth it.  My little Lightning saw this bear poop.  He thought it was hilarious and talked about it for days. Continue reading

Mess Free Egg Decorating.

I wanted to find a fun relatively clean way for Elijah to get his egg decorating on.  I spent a couple minutes on Pinterest looking, and found this melted crayon method over on Spoonful.  Parents had some good ideas too, but I wanted something a little more creative than stickers on eggs.  Plus I was hoping for little to no prep since my eggs were already boiling and nap time was looming.

egg decorating Continue reading

Make Life With a Newborn (a tiny bit) Easier.

Taking care of a newborn is hard.  Really hard.

I don’t think “easy” and “newborn” actually belong in the same sentence. Taking care of a newborn is anything but easy. I have amazing family and friends who made sure we had food for the first two weeks and helped out a ton. They were more useful than anything on this list! These are some things that made my life a tiny bit easier those first grueling six weeks:

1. A Moby Wrap.  I don’t know why I never had one with Elijah.  It’s amazing.  Emaline really likes to be held.  So the Moby is so great for when I want to eat dinner with both hands or when Elijah needs to go on the potty.  Or if I do.  It has also been great since the weather has become adequate for playing outside.  I can wear her in the Moby and push Eli in his little car. Having use of both hands and keeping Emmy cozy is a lifesaver.IMG_0695 Continue reading

Sick Babies, A Broken Keurig, and Mall Adventures.

First, check out the tummy on baby girl!  I can’t get enough of her tummy and chunky thighs.


My babies are sick.  Well, Elijah is sick.  Emaline is just congested.  Everyone slept in “mama’s bed,” as Eli would say, because at 3:00 am he was up with a fever and super sad.  None of our usual tricks to get him back to sleep worked, so cuddles in bed were the answer.  And I definitely didn’t hate sleeping between my two babies. Continue reading