Elijah Loves Baby Girl.

“As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.” –Winnie the Pooh

Elijah is doing amazing as a big brother.  Even better than I had hoped he would do.

He does super sweet things, completely unprompted.  The first thing he did when he woke up this morning was ask to hold Emaline.  And by ask to hold her, I mean he says “I want it, I want it!”  We need to work on his use of personal pronouns.IMG_0351I love his crazy bedhead.  He gets so happy when he holds her.  IMG_0354She started touching his face and he thought it was hilarious.

We try to keep Eli’s routine the same as it was before Emaline was born, we just add her into it.  We read the Bible in our bed every night as a family.  The other night I caught him holding her hand.IMG_0327It was so sweet, I thought my heart might explode.IMG_0330Whenever RJ is holding her, Eli wants to sit right with them.  IMG_0343She was crying so monkey decided that he would bring her toys to make her happy.  I think it was the matchbox cars that did the trick.IMG_0300Eli is very into giving Emaline baths.  He asks all the time if baby girl needs a tubby.  He even picks out bath toys for her to play with.IMG_3246Elijah will often tell us to put Emmy in his “yo ho” bed.  Even when he doesn’t have the Jake sheets on it; it is still his yo ho bed.  IMG_0287My babies in their diaps.IMG_3241RJ bought this Disney princess baby book, for Elijah to give Emaline, on one of his baby store runs.  Eli wanted to read it to her right away.IMG_0251He wanted her to wake up to experience her first Target adventure.IMG_3216He likes to show his baby sister the toys on the swing.  He doesn’t like that they hang and she can’t hold them.IMG_0239Elijah will try to bring his stool from the bathroom into Emaline’s nursery so he can “help” with her diaper changes.IMG_3211And on her very first day home, he brought her his favorite airplane toy.  If that’s not a two year old’s way of saying I love you, I don’t know what is.



About jessgrune

I'm Jessica. I am a wife and a mama. My husband, Rj, is a youth pastor who just began seminary this fall. Our baby boy, Elijah, is almost two and he is the coolest thing I have ever made. In February we will be adding a baby girl monkey to our family. I love doing crafts, shopping for good deals, vacations in Disney World, naps, and playing with my monkey. I have more fun picking out clothes for Eli than I should admit. I wish I spent more time reading good books. And I really miss sleeping for more than 4 hours at a time, but I am told this will happen again...one day.

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