Elijah Loves Baby Girl.

“As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.” –Winnie the Pooh

Elijah is doing amazing as a big brother.  Even better than I had hoped he would do.

He does super sweet things, completely unprompted.  The first thing he did when he woke up this morning was ask to hold Emaline.  And by ask to hold her, I mean he says “I want it, I want it!”  We need to work on his use of personal pronouns.IMG_0351I love his crazy bedhead.  He gets so happy when he holds her.  IMG_0354She started touching his face and he thought it was hilarious.

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Our Newest Adventure.

A week ago my sweet Emaline Rose decided it was time to make her entrance.  She was born at 11:57 pm on February 12.  Bigger than her brother, at 7 lbs 9oz and 20 inches long.  We are spoiled by having Molly around to capture moments–like Elijah meeting his baby sister for the first time.   Emaline is not even 12 hours old in these photos.


Elijah is doing great with the whole big brother thing.  He calls her “baby girl” and whenever she cries he says “its okay baby girl” or asks “why baby girl crying?”  It melts this mama’s heart to see how sweet he is with her already.


RJ goes back to work tomorrow, so we will see how things go without daddy around to play with him.


January. According to Instagram.

Our January consisted mostly of staying home due to the freezing temperatures and ridiculous amounts of snow.  This has been great for the whole potty training adventure, but not so great for making plans, or having any sort of socialization beyond the monkey and mama duo…

Here is a mini-recap of our month–according to my Instagram feed.


Daddy wrapped Eli in a towel after a bath one night, and he thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Mama thought he looked too big and almost started crying. Continue reading

My Favorite Places to Buy Little Man Clothes…on a Budget.


It’s no secret that I love shopping.  And dressing Elijah in stylish clothes.  And getting good deals.  I have learned a few things in Eli’s almost two years of life about shopping for tiny human clothes, at least for boys.  We will see how shopping for little girl clothes is different.  I have figured out the things that I am willing to spend a little more on, because they will last longer, and the things that I try avoid buying new.  I confess that I have spent parts of my monthly clothing budget on Elijah, but I do a good job staying within his allotted clothing budget…which we may have to change shortly since there is a baby girl monkey coming, who will also need to be stylish and adorable.

The clearance rack is my best friend.  And I rarely shop at stores without a coupon.  And I don’t pay full price for Eli’s clothes.  Because, he is a toddler.  He is a boy.  He is messy.  He is rough on clothes.  He probably gets that from his daddy, who wears holes in his jeans worse than his two year old son and goes through a pair of Converse a season. Continue reading

Elijah’s Toy Story Birthday.

We celebrated Elijah’s second birthday a couple weeks early this past weekend, because I knew I probably wouldn’t be up for having a party with a newborn.  It, of course, snowed like crazy, but Eli still had a great time.  He was a teensy bit crabby because he refused to nap that afternoon…probably from all the excitement with the 30 balloons his mama ordered.  I love decorating for his parties.  Although I do always have these grandiose ideas that I can’t actually execute, but it is still fun for me.  IMG_0005

I learned that the alphabet blocks do not have enough y’s or h’s for me to spell out “Happy Birthday Elijah,” so I had to improvise. IMG_0008

I made the bunting out of scrapbook paper and chipboard letters.IMG_0010

It is no surprise that the monkey has most of the toys from Toy Story.  So that made decorating easier.  It was so fun to watch Elijah realize all the decorations were Buzz and “Wee Wee.”  He came out after his nap that didn’t involve any actual napping and kept saying “oh wow” when he noticed different things.IMG_0020

The centerpieces were mason jars that I filled with various toys; army men, monkeys, and plastic badges, and then tied some balloons on them.  IMG_0023

The banner was one of the things that didn’t quite turn out how I had planned, but it worked.IMG_0024

I am so happy with the cake.  Terri, a very talented lady from our church, made it and it totally exceeded my expectations.  IMG_0028

Not only did it look amazing, it tasted pretty amazing…as do slices of leftover cake at 3:00 am.IMG_0032 She even made these Pixar cake balls, which are the perfect size for a two year old to snack on.IMG_0034

Did you notice that Mr. Potato Head was missing an ear?  The birthday boy was very impressed with his cake when he saw it, and thought that ear looked too tasty to leave on Potato Head’s head.


He tried to blow out the candles before we even started singing to him.  Silly little monkey.IMG_0039 IMG_0043

He had a lot of practice the past couple months with my birthday and RJ’s birthday, so he is a candle-blowing-out-pro now.  He got some awesome gifts for his birthday, too.  We got pictures of a couple of them:IMG_0053

Hunter Boots from Grandma and Grandpa; although I pretty am sure that this part of the gift was all Grandma…


I was a little excited about his Hunters.IMG_0056 IMG_0064

He is destined to be a book worm.  He got a few books to add to his collection and “reads” them all the time.


There was also a drum set.IMG_0070

So much for him not picking an obnoxious instrument to be interested in…IMG_0072

A sweet Mickey Mouse bike from Grandma and Grandpa, too.  IMG_0087

The dress up set that Uncle Co Co and soon-to-be Auntie Air got him was also a big hit.

Elijah is so blessed to have such great friends and family in his life.  Thank you to everyone who came out into the blizzard to make his party special.  We are a pretty lucky family.

All photos in this post were taken by Molly Grunewald.  Check out her website here.


In The Home Stretch.

I am super pregnant.  38 weeks and according to my OB, I will have the baby anytime now.  Since I was almost 3 weeks early with the monkey, it doesn’t seem that far fetched that I’ll have this baby monkey earlier too.  (But it also probably means that I won’t go early since I’m expecting it…)
We had Eli’s birthday party Saturday (I’ll do another post about that) and now it is officially okay with me for this baby to make her appearance.  We have our go bags ready and RJ is constantly asking me if I am having contractions.
As ready as I am to meet her.  (And ready to be not-pregnant.) I am also nervous about not having enough time for Elijah.  I am nervous about how he will react to having a tiny baby in his house.  I am nervous about him seeing his mama and daddy with the new baby and getting jealous.  I know there will be an adjustment period and that he is going to be such a great big brother.  But I can’t help the worrying.
My sister-in-law Molly took some awesome maternity photos for me last week, and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!  Here are a few of my favorites:


I don’t remember why these two goof balls were high-five-ing; but it was pretty cute.


I love the silhouette.

IMG_8783 - Version 2

Eli showing us his “button.”


My silly monkey, I love his giggles.

IMG_8795 - Version 2

This picture makes me so happy.  I get a little teary if I look at it too long.

IMG_8797 - Version 2

He loves his baby sister already.


Of course Elijah wanted to take pictures of his own with daddy’s iPhone.


love. love. love.

IMG_8845 - Version 2

This was an attempt to get a decent family photo.  The monkey was being his silly self  and was pressing our faces together.  We couldn’t stop laughing.

IMG_8868 - Version 2

And again, he is standing in front of us, making us laugh.


Since I had Elijah before we could get any maternity photos with RJ in them, we had to get a few of him touching the belly too.

I am so happy to have these pictures to capture this pregnancy.  Thanks Moll 🙂

If you need maternity photos, or any kind of photos, check out Molly Grunewald Photography.  She is pretty great.

Winter Monkey Fashion.

I haven’t done a monkey fashion post in awhile…mostly because he spent the majority of the past two months pants-less because of the potty training situation.

He is required to wear pants whenever we leave our house.  Don’t worry.  Here are a few of the sweet outfits he wore in December and January.

image-2 image

Cool Christmas-time Clothes.

I loved dressing him in Christmasy things this year.  I am a sucker for any holiday themed top.  I can’t  believe this is the only picture I got of him in Christmas clothes.  Especially because he had the cutest outfits for all of our Christmas Parties!

green flannel: Tucker + Tate.  His godmother, Molly, bought him this flannel and it is perfect for layering.

Elf tee: zulily. Monkey is probably going to think I am such a dork when he is older.  I think it is super cute to dress him in tees that have funny things from movies I love.

skinnies: Levi

boots: babyGap.  I am kicking myself now for not buying these in the next size up.  His toes are all the way to the end, so they are done any day now.



Elijah-Picks-His-Own-Clothes Outfit.

I think he is too young to be choosy about what he wears.  He saw this in his closet and kept saying “Michael Jordan!  Please Mama, Michael Jordan!”  So, of course, I caved.

Jordan jersey and shorts: Air Jordan.  RJ actually spotted this gem at a mom to mom sale we went to in the fall.  Eli recognized the “jump man” immediately.  I want to say we paid $3 or $4 for it.  Awesome, right?

long sleeve tee:  The Children’s Place.


Polar Vortex Cozy Clothes.

When Elijah did wear pants at home in the past two months, they were usually cozy sweats or leggings like these…making the pulling down of the pants to go on the potty step much smoother.  (A couple times I put leg warmers on him and his daddy was not a fan.)

hoodie: Old Navy.

tee: Love + Art.  I got it at Target.

leggings: Abbey Swanson, one of my good friends, made these.  She made these “custom” for my tall, skinny monkey by adding the cuff at the bottom.   (If you want to see more of her cute stuff or purchase it, follow @aswaney on instagram)

socks: Body Glove.


Running Errands Outfit.

On the rare occasion that we left the house, he wore something like this.

Batman henley: Love + Art.  Target had a bunch of cool super hero tees like this one on clearance in December.  I am liking this brand, super soft cotton and they wash up well.

skinnies:  Old Navy.  It is hard to tell from my iPhone picture, but they are an army green color.

socks: Stride Rite.


Going to Mrs. Meg’s Birthday Weekend Clothes.

We went up to Port Sanilac to celebrate our friend Megan’s big 3-0 in early January.  A blizzard ensued when we were up there.  But we all had fun.

hat and puffer:  Old Navy.

sweatshirt: Genuine Kids from oshkosh.  He wore this sweatshirt a couple days ago and it got stuck on his head, so I guess it needs to go in the “too small bin.”

cords:  H&M.  These grey-blue cords have a drawstring waist and are jersey lined.  So they are super comfy for two hour car rides in the snow.

boots: babyGap.



Potty Training Wear.

I don’t make him wear wellies everyday for potty purposes.  He wanted to put them on today, I swear.

sweatshirt: H&M.  How adorable is this Mickey print!?

underpants: Disney.  You can’t tell because the sweatshirt covers them, but they are Jake underpants.  We let him pick out what character he wanted on his underpants so he gets excited about wearing them.

socks: mini Boden.

wellies: Hunter.  Elijah got these awesome red Hunters from his Grandma for his birthday.  Although, I know  the Hunters were more for mama and the Mickey bike was the real present for monkey.

This post contains a referral link to zulily.  If you make a purchase from zulily using my referral link, I will receive credit.