My Baby Monkey Isn’t a Baby Anymore.

I love fall.  I have a crockpot of chili going and monkey and I are in our sweats.  

It just needs to stop raining for trick or treating tonight!

As I watch Elijah become more and more independent, it makes me a little sad.  I love that he can sit and play with his cars on the window sill for a while.  And that he makes his Little People characters talk to each other.  And that he sits with a book and turns all the pages and “reads” it to himself on the floor.  He will sit and do a small craft and build towers with his Duplos.  I love that he can vocalize what he wants to do (he led me by the hand into his room today and pointed to his sound machine “on!” and then to his crib “bed.”)  He is so big.  Too big.  (Not physically though…his pants fell down to his ankles this morning and he just yelled “uh oh” and stepped right out of them and continued to play.)

Sometimes, I do miss my monkey being so little.  He wasn’t feeling so good the past couple of days and he has been so cuddly.  We cuddled on the couch and watched Wall-E, 3 times I think, and I just thought about how he used to nap on me and cuddle whenever I wanted to.   His hugs do seem a little more special when he climbs up on me and says “hug” and just rests his head on my shoulder.  

I often wonder what is going through his little head when he is playing, and talking, and saying things in his own little language that he clearly thinks he is communicating something with.  I can tell that he already has a good imagination.  He sits with his cars and talks about his papi; or plays with his Batman and calls the other guy “coco.”  

Elijah is also becoming quite talented at puzzles.  He can put the majority of the pieces where they belong; he does get confused with his “h” and his “4” and turns each one, determined to make it fit in the wrong slot.  His favorite part, I think, is dumping all the pieces out to start over again. 




I guess it is perfect that we are having another baby monkey soon.  Maybe I will cut his hair after baby girl is born; he will be a big brother after all.

About jessgrune

I'm Jessica. I am a wife and a mama. My husband, Rj, is a youth pastor who just began seminary this fall. Our baby boy, Elijah, is almost two and he is the coolest thing I have ever made. In February we will be adding a baby girl monkey to our family. I love doing crafts, shopping for good deals, vacations in Disney World, naps, and playing with my monkey. I have more fun picking out clothes for Eli than I should admit. I wish I spent more time reading good books. And I really miss sleeping for more than 4 hours at a time, but I am told this will happen day.

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