My Baby Monkey Isn’t a Baby Anymore.

I love fall.  I have a crockpot of chili going and monkey and I are in our sweats.  

It just needs to stop raining for trick or treating tonight!

As I watch Elijah become more and more independent, it makes me a little sad.  I love that he can sit and play with his cars on the window sill for a while.  And that he makes his Little People characters talk to each other.  And that he sits with a book and turns all the pages and “reads” it to himself on the floor.  He will sit and do a small craft and build towers with his Duplos.  I love that he can vocalize what he wants to do (he led me by the hand into his room today and pointed to his sound machine “on!” and then to his crib “bed.”)  He is so big.  Too big.  (Not physically though…his pants fell down to his ankles this morning and he just yelled “uh oh” and stepped right out of them and continued to play.)

Sometimes, I do miss my monkey being so little.  He wasn’t feeling so good the past couple of days and he has been so cuddly.  We cuddled on the couch and watched Wall-E, 3 times I think, and I just thought about how he used to nap on me and cuddle whenever I wanted to.   His hugs do seem a little more special when he climbs up on me and says “hug” and just rests his head on my shoulder.  

I often wonder what is going through his little head when he is playing, and talking, and saying things in his own little language that he clearly thinks he is communicating something with.  I can tell that he already has a good imagination.  He sits with his cars and talks about his papi; or plays with his Batman and calls the other guy “coco.”  

Elijah is also becoming quite talented at puzzles.  He can put the majority of the pieces where they belong; he does get confused with his “h” and his “4” and turns each one, determined to make it fit in the wrong slot.  His favorite part, I think, is dumping all the pieces out to start over again. 




I guess it is perfect that we are having another baby monkey soon.  Maybe I will cut his hair after baby girl is born; he will be a big brother after all.

Elijah’s Pumpkin Adventures.

We got two giant pumpkins from a road side stand after we went to Blake’s a few weeks back.  I’m not sure why we bought two, since it took RJ almost two hours to carve one.  But my ambitious husband likes to carve the intricate designs that require a stencil and poking tiny holes in the pumpkin before the actual carving…too complicated for this mama.  I’m all about two triangle eyes and a toothy grin on my pumpkins.

First, Elijah looked through all the options on the Spoonful website with his daddy.  It was a tough choice, since Eli loves all things Disney.  They finally decided on Jake, probably because Elijah is so darn cute when he pumps his tiny fist and yells “yo ho, go go!”


The monkey was very interested in the guts, but wasn’t crazy about reaching into the pumpkin to help get them out.



He loved sticking the knife through the portions RJ had already carved.  LOVED IT.  So much that RJ couldn’t really make any progress cause Eli just wanted to sit with his daddy and “carve” with him.  Nothing a little pixar distraction couldn’t solve.



When Elijah realized that his daddy carved Jake into the pumpkin, he got real excited.  Climbed right up onto the chair and hugged him and bounced up and down.


He was not so excited about sitting on the porch in the cold to get a picture with his Jake pumpkin.  (Yes, he is holding up a tiny screw driver in front of his face.  The little things fascinate my child.)

The day before Elijah and Mama did some pumpkin decorating of our own.  Here are our finished pumpkins:


Mine is the one on the right.

And here’s a little pumpkin painting action for you:Image




I tried to get him to use his fingers, but once he saw me using a paintbrush he was all about that.  Maybe he’s going to be an artist…

I also feel the need to clarify that he has no clothes on because he was painting.  Even though it was washable paint, I didn’t want to deal with that mess–so I just plopped him in the tub after the painting was finished.  I usually put clothes (and pants) on my son.  I swear.

Here’s another picture of him with a pumpkin that his papi carved him:


He is super excited because it is Buzz.  And he is Buzz.  I’m glad we are getting so much use out of his store bought Buzz costume.  Well worth the $20.

No, mama. No.

It seems like Elijah tells me “no” all day long. Sometimes it’s for good reason, when I ask him if he wants something specific, he can say no. That is super helpful. But when I need him to come to me, to maybe change his diaper, and he runs behind his crib to hide yelling no…not so helpful.
He also is a master at putting up the one finger to point when he says “no.” I have no clue how he picked that up…
My monkey is a clever little stinker though. When he is doing something he knows he shouldn’t be doing, I catch him shaking his head and saying, “no no.”
Standing on a chair: “no no.”
Climbing onto the fireplace: “no no.”
Twisting the knobs on the oven: no no.”
It’s often impossible not to laugh at him.

The so called “terrible twos” have to be a joke.

Monkey Fashion. fall part one.

Fall is so much more fun to dress the monkey.

He basically lived in basketball shorts and tee shirts all summer, so the cooler weather brings more options for him (or for me, since he would wear a batman tee everyday if I let him pick).


Church Clothes.

It is fun to dress him up a little for church each week.   Elijah has had these suspender pants since last winter, but since he is so skinny they just fit him now.  I bought the long sleeved top on clearance this week and it is a little big, but that just means he can wear it more!

top: crewcuts by J.Crew

pants with suspenders: H&M

shoes: Stride Rite


Play Clothes.

Eli has been very into super heroes the last couple weeks, ever since we were camping and two of his older friends were Batman and Spiderman.  He calls all super heroes “Batman” at the moment.  He is little, so he has time to learn all their names.

tee with removable cape: Circo (this was actually a first birthday gift from his godfather, “Co Co.”)

skinny jeans: babyGap

socks: Junk Food for babyGap


Dinner Party Wear.

It’s hard to tell from the lighting in this picture, but his jeans are a light grey.  And I am in love with them.

shirt: H&M

skinny jeans: Levis, 511 skinny.

sneakers: Converse (I am a little sad he is growing out of these.)


Play Date Clothes.

I don’t usually put him in bodysuits any longer.  I think they make him look too baby-ish.  But when I saw this “Never Grow Up” one, I knew Elijah had to have it.  His room is Peter Pan themed and if he is like his daddy, he will be a boy-grown-up even when he is an adult.  Eli also recently learned to climb up onto his toy box to get a better look at Hook.  So that is why he is sitting on it.

bodysuit: babyGap

sweatshirt and pants: Truly Scrumptious by Heidi Klum (he actually asked me to put his hood on and kept it up for a while.)

fox socks: crazy 8

sneakers: Converse

Monkey goes camping.

We are not outdoorsy-type people.  RJ really dislikes camping.  I loved it when I was little.

Apparently Elijah is a huge fan.

We went camping at Sleeper State Park for a Halloween Weekend and Eli had a blast.  I don’t know what his favorite part was; the mud or playing with daddy all day or being with his friends for an entire weekend.

It rained every night but the days were pretty warm for October in Michigan.  But all the rain made for lots of mud.  All the clothes Elijah wore were from mom to mom sales or resale shops, so I didn’t really care about him getting muddy.  And boy, did he get muddy.

ImageGetting a feel for it.

ImageAfter an accidental face plant.

ImageOn the way to get a shower after an intentional face plant.  He is such a boy.

ImageThe monkey wanted to test out all the bigger kids bikes.  He liked Maidyn’s pink Radio Flyer best.

ImageTackle football with Daddy.

ImageSeriously, could my monkey get any happier?

ImageMy little tree hugger.

Image“Eyes!  Eyes!”

ImageDaddy helping Buzz fly.

ImageEli likes to check and make sure his daddy is having a good time.

ImageBuzz and his girl Minnie.

ImageElijah liked pointing out all the other kids in costumes more than the actual trick or treating.  He did enjoy eating a little bit at the end though.