so long sweet summer.

Summer is over.  Our summer went by so quick.

This is how I spent the majority of our summer:


Puking.  A lot of puking.  We are expecting baby grune number two in in February, which we couldn’t be more excited about!  I am 18 weeks and have just stopped puking on a daily basis, so I like to think I am out of the woods with the all-day-sickness.  And the migraines.

Monkey couldn’t be more excited about the new baby either.  He likes to kiss my belly and point to my belly and yell “baby.”  He also calls other people’s stomach’s baby…but we’re working on that.  We are trying to teach him to say “sister” since we found out yesterday that I am growing a little girl monkey.

Elijah, on the other hand, had a great summer.

He had so many adventures.  Some new (Disney World), some new again this year (the lake, friend-cation), and some that we do often (the park, the mall).

While I am sure that he enjoyed watching way more Pixar movies and Disney Junior than any 18 month old should, I know he is glad that his mama is feeling better and can take him on adventures outside of our family room.