Eli can’t wait to visit disney world.

Elijah found a magic kingdom map from our last trip to Disney. After he attempted to eat a few stickers, he decided to cuddle the map. I guess it’s easier for him to visualize being on main street that way.


taste of summer

I have realized that my house will be a mess until fall comes, since the monkey wants to spend every waking moment outside. I hope my husband is okay with this…
sometimes I keep the curtains shut in the morning in hopes to trick Elijah into forgetting that the outside is there. This has not worked yet.
We’ve been spending our afternoons playing in the backyard, and I know I am going to have the best tan I have had in years this summer.



Yesterday we played in the sprinkler and went on wagon rides until daddy came home. Then Elijah blew (ate) bubbles with daddy until dinner.

april. according to instagram.

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