March Madness is a big deal in our house.  I think we’ve had every game on so far.  A few weeks ago I scored a little tikes basketball hoop at a mom2mom sale for $10 and Eli has been in love with basketball ever since.ImageHe is quite good at making baskets the normal way, too.  Not just pulling it down to his face.  The monkey will get excited every time he sees his basketball.ImageElijah’s daddy decided that he needs a real basketball, not just a toy basketball.  So he got one at Target.  He was so happy he played with it in his carseat the whole drive home.ImageHe needs to hold the ball while he watches the games with daddy.ImageI love my boys.ImageRj took Eli into the ball closet at church and Eli was amazed.Image

I guess he has to learn sometime.

Lately, the monkey always wants to feed himself.

2013-03-21 13.06.18

He does pretty well with a spoon.  As long as I am the one who does the scooping…

2013-03-21 13.06.24

Sometimes he wants to try to get the yogurt out of the cup on his own.

2013-03-21 13.09.09

Or he uses the other end of the spoon.

2013-03-21 13.10.01


He likes to try new culinary combinations.  MMMM…macaroni dipped in the greek yogurt…

2013-03-21 13.15.46


The monkey loves his yogurt.

2013-03-21 13.16.01


At least yogurt in the hair is easier to clean than globs of oatmeal…




it’s happening…

it's happening...

only 132 days until we go to Disney World!

money fashion.

Elijah prefers wearing just his diaper, or nothing at all.  But mama prefers that he dresses in adorable little person clothing.  This is what the monkey has worn the past several days.



sweater: baby Gap

pants: little 77 (ampersand stamping I did myself)

socks: The Dollar Tree (we are on a budget!  and $1 for 6 pair of baby socks?!  who can pass that up?)


hoodie: Peek

jeans: Old Navy

2013-03-07 17.50.17

flannel: The Children’s Place

bodysuit: Old Navy

jeans: baby Gap

shoes: Robeez

2013-03-01 14.05.04

tee: Apple corp. (it is from Target)

thermal: OshKosh B’gosh

pants: baby Gap

socks: Junk Food for baby Gap

2013-03-12 15.33.47

sweater: baby Gap

leggings: Old Navy

socks: The Dollar Tree

2013-03-14 15.16.17

fleece jacket, jeans, and high tops: all from The Children’s Place

In case you can’t tell, my one-year-old dresses better than I do.

we want spring!!!

Its crazy that, in Michigan, 40 degrees and sunshine feels like summer is coming.  I can tell that this monkey is going to be an outdoors boy because he loved every second of being outside this weekend.


Elijah was very interested in the grass.  I didn’t let him go on the lawn because it was still wet from the melting snow, but he kept bending down to touch it.  And then he’d look at me with a huge smile.  I love how every new thing is an adventure for him right now.



It was almost as if he couldn’t believe that I was letting him walk outside.  He was very apprehensive at first.


But then he was super smiley…


and he was quickly ready to run and enjoy it.


The driveway was fun too.  He wanted to sit and watch cars drive by, but mama had other plans.  Walking-around-the-mall-and-not-spending-any-money plans.


At the mall we shared a pretzel.  It was not in my plan to not spend money, but it was snack time and he needed something to eat…so I had to get a pretzel to share with him.  The things mothers do for their babies…


The play area is a little too old for him.  He can’t climb onto any of the veggies, but he walked around and watched the other kids.


It sure felt like spring to me.  Even if it was just a tease.  The sunshine just makes everything better.




I think we took 4 walks this weekend.  I know Elijah and his daddy are going to play outside every chance they get.  I see a lot of basketball and wagon rides in our future…


The wind blowing in his face made him laugh.  He enjoyed it way more than the chilly wind that causes him to bury his face in my shoulder that he is accustomed to.

This weekend has made me long for spring even more than I was before.  But, since this is Michigan, it is currently cloudy and snowy.  So we have to wait for it…

A few things we learned this week…

photo 1

“No spill” snack bowls are a joke.  In fact, I think that Elijah sees it as a challenge.  He makes it his personal mission to spill every last Cheerio out of the fancy Gyro Bowl and onto the floor.  Since they end up on the floor anyways, why don’t I just pour the Cheerios on the floor to begin with? (just kidding, mom.)


One-year-olds are smarter than I thought.  It’s probably because my husband is a huge technology geek, but Elijah can scroll down with one finger on the iphone.  He even pulls the iphone away from me when I am talking on it because he thinks every phone call is a face-time call now.


We call him a “monkey” for a reason.  He cleared out a shelf of DVDs and then made a small pile out of them to step on, so he could try and get the items on the higher shelf that were placed there to be specifically out of his reach.  This baby-proofing stuff is a joke.

photo 3-1

If you give a monkey ketchup for dipping his nuggets in; he will eat fistfuls of ketchup and then eat the nuggets.  Really, he just shoveled the ketchup in his mouth.


We are those people now.  The people who push around the obnoxious carts for their kids.  I honestly did not think I would ever do this at the grocery store.  But Eli loved it and he was so stinking cute in there.  I think I will reserve this for shopping trips were Daddy comes along, because I did not like not having a good view of him.  Plus, RJ will be the one looking silly instead of me.


The library is awesome.  And free.  As long as you don’t have to pay late fees, or for a replacement card, since the last time you were there was 4 years ago.  Elijah and his Daddy have spent the last two Monday mornings there while I run errands.  And my boys love it there.


Elijah really does love Mickey Mouse.   While some of it very well could be us buying him Mickey Mouse things and talking about Mickey Mouse and pointing out Mickey Mouse whenever we see him; Elijah loves Mickey.   He will kiss pictures of Mickey.  He will bite his stuffed Mickey’s face (its a sign of affection, I promise).  He will point and laugh at the giant Mickey balloon that is still inflated from his party.  And he will cuddle his Mickey on the floor, completely unprompted.  We are raising our little Disney fan right.



Elijah’s Mickey Mouse Birthday

Last Saturday, Elijah Oscar turned one and we had a great party for him.  I was all over pinterest to get fantastic DIY ideas, and may have went a little overboard.  After two months of planning, I am glad that it turned out so cute. (click on the thumbnails to view the pictures larger.)

I wish we had taken more pictures of the actual party.  We didn’t get any pictures of the guests or the present opening.  I guess we were a little too busy.